Each one of your employees has their own personal profile in Planday, where they can keep their information. What information is needed and how that is shown can be completely customized to fit your business needs.

You can customize the Employee profiles for your organization, from Employee Form Setup, that you find in Settings > People > Employee Form Setup.

Here, you can see and decide what sections and fields are available, the layout of the profile, and who can access or edit certain fields (depending on the user permission, for instance).

The image above shows the page for Employee form setup, by field and section.

Some of the important areas on this page are:

1. Manage Order - In the top right corner, from the Manage Order button, you can adjust in which order the sections will appear, as well as in which order the fields in each section are shown (if you click Expand at the top of the list).

2. Add Sections - Add new sections to your employee profile. Adding a new section will then allow you to add more fields to that section further down.

3. Edit field (✏️ icon) - Opens the option to edit some of the information in an existing field.

4. Archive field (📥 icon) - You can archive the fields that you no longer want to show in the employee's profiles. All your archived fields can be found at the bottom of the page, and you can always unarchive fields when needed.

5. Add field - You can add new custom fields to the different sections. Each custom field added will be a part of your employee's profile.

6. Name - The field name visible in your employee's profiles.

7. Type - Defines what information can be input in the field.

Text: Text, numbers, and symbols, can be input.

Numeric: Only numbers can be input.

Dropdown: Create your own dropdown choices.

Date: Choose a date from a calendar.

True / False: Checkbox.

Picture: A picture can be uploaded.

8. Manager settings - Defines manager permissions for the field in the employee's profiles.

Show field: if the field should be visible to Managers.

Allow editing: if the Managers should be able to edit the value in the field.

Required field: if the Managers are required to fill out the field.

9. Employee settings - Defines the employee's permissions for the field in their own profile.

Show field: if the field should be visible to the employee.

Allow editing: if the employee should be able to edit the value in the field.

Required field: if the employee is required to fill out the field.

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