After a long time apart, coming back to work might feel like starting fresh for you and your employees.

We've put together a checklist to get you back in business in no time:

  • Head over to the Getting started video gallery, to get a quick overview refresher or learn about the new tools you'll need to make your day work as efficiently as possible.

  • Communication is an important tool, especially these days. To help keep your staff on top and up to date, learn more about how to communicate with your staff in Planday here.

  • Make changes on the go, through the Planday Mobile App.
    Have a look at the Planday App Quick start guide to see all the key features in the mobile app.

  • Make sure to keep good track of your employee's well-deserved time off. See how to manage and maintain Absence accounts for your staff, below (for UK).

Expert insights

Once you have everything under control, check out the advice from learning from experts in the industry:

How to maintain your employees' Absence accounts (UK)

Summer is often the time for holidays and time off, so we want to ensure that you are ready to manage your employees' holidays easily.

After the long periods of lockdown, the active absence accounts might need to be updated or renewed. Follow the steps below, so that re-opening will be easier for you and your organization.

Connect Shift types to Accrued vacation account

If you've been keeping track of your employees’ furlough in Planday, using a Shift type, you'll need to make sure they are also accruing holidays.

Go to Settings > Absence, Overtime, Vacation > General > Shift types for accrued accounts.

Here, you can check whether the correct Shift type is selected or make the necessary change. The same goes for the other Shift types that should accrue holiday for your employees.

If you're not doing this already, we recommend that you keep all your records in one place, including absence and time off. By keeping everything connected in Planday, you can focus on what really matters.

Check the Start balance

Every Absence account assigned to an employee allows you to input a Start balance, meaning how much time off would the employee be entitled to from the beginning.

As a reminder, you can edit this at any time, as you need, from Schedule > Absence accounts > the account for your employee > Edit.

This can be particularly useful, for instance, in situations where the accruing of holiday balance has been on pause, because of the local lockdowns. In this case, you can edit the Start balance on the necessary employee Absence accounts, and amend it to include the balance they should've accrued during the lockdown periods.

The same approach would apply if you haven't been using a Shift type to automatically record holiday accruals, for your employees, from the Schedule.

Specifically, you’ll need to update:

  • Total days accrued: How many days they’ve accrued so far for the holiday year.

  • Holiday days balance: How many holiday days they’ve left to use for the year.

    As an example, if an employee has accrued 6 days of holidays for the January-December 2021 holiday year, and used 2 holiday days in January, you would need to input 6 days under Total days accrued, and 4 days under Holiday days balance.

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