You can use the current tools within Planday to document and comply with health authority regulations in your area, for example, requesting employees to update their vaccination data or reporting COVID-19 symptoms before checking in for their shift.

Start by editing the Employee form setup under Settings > People.

There you can add a new section, for example, COVID-19 / Health status

Set up the required fields you may need such as 1st / 2nd vaccination received dates, whether an employee needs a booster. Depending on your local regulations, you can require proof of vaccination to be uploaded as a document too.

Employees can enter the requested details via their Planday app or by logging into the Planday web portal.

The records would show up under Employee details for each employee and you can be assured that you and your team are safe and compliant with local health regulations.

Additionally, you can request your employees to report their health status before they punch in for their shifts. To enable this check, have a look at the Punch Clock: Health check at the punch-in article.

Stay safe!

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