🎯 For administrators with legacy Planday accounts.

Most legacy Planday accounts are set up with only male and female options when choosing gender in the employee setup form. By default, this is a required field that you as an admin fill out, and your employee can change. Through consensus, we have reached a solution that gives you and your employees control while keeping the current setup for clients that need this field to be mandatory. Here is how you can change it for your Planday setup with a few easy steps.

Archive the current gender field

💡 You need to be an admin with access to manage the employee setup form.

Start by going to your Employee field setup form via Settings > People > Employee form setup. It is now possible to archive the current binary option gender field.

Once archived, the field is moved to the Archived fields section at the bottom of the employee form, and the field is no longer visible on the employee edit or the profile.

Create a custom gender field

You can create a custom dropdown list in the Misc section and define your own selection of gender choices for the employees to choose from. Alternatively, you can add a field as an open text option allowing your employee to determine how they choose to identify.

Make sure to set the security permissions to allow you and the employee to edit this field. You can also set if this is a required or an optional field to fill.

Depending on what you set up, the employee can now go into their profile via the web or Planday app and identify their choice of gender.


Can I add additional genders to the field instead of archiving it?
No. If you want your employee form to support more than male and female as the gender options, then you can create a custom dropdown with any number of values to support all the genders you’d like to show in your gender field. If you opt for this, you can archive the standard gender field and replace it with your custom dropdown.

Are any integrations affected by this?
Payroll Integrations such as Xero and QuickBooks require mapping employees to the standard gender field. Please ensure you do not archive the field if your Planday works with an integration module that requires a standard gender field.

Can the newly created gender field be put back in the Information section?
When you archive the old gender field, a new custom field can only be created in a section such as Miscellaneous or Payroll.

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