💡 Instructions in this guide are for Xero customers based in the UK.

See this guide for the Australian region here.

Connect to a Xero organisation in the UK and configure the integration

Note: If you have signed up for Planday through the Xero Appstore or through Xero TAS, your organisation will already be connected. You can manage your connected Xero organisations and complete the integration set up by navigating to Settings > Integrations > Overview > Xero and pressing Add. If your organisation has been connected and you don’t wish to amend it, you can skip the following steps and proceed to the Employee Synchronisation step.

If your Xero organisation wasn’t connected automatically when you signed up from Planday, you’ll need to connect it first. Go to Settings > Integrations > Overview, locate the Xero integration, and press Add.

Next, press “Add” within the Organisations section to connect to a Xero organisation:

Planday Mobile app Screenshot Shells.091.png

You will be directed to the Xero login page, and once logged in you will see an application authorization prompt for Planday. Select the Xero organisation that you want to connect with and press Allow access to continue setup.

If you are not already redirected back to Planday, go back to the Integrations page where you can find the Xero integration that you just added. You should now be able to see the connection to your Xero organisation was successful.

Errors during connection?

If you receive an error during connection, the setup will tell you what the error is and provide you with a link to a possible resolution. The most common mistake is the user setting up the integration not having sufficient permissions.

💡Please note that you need to have Payroll Admin access in Xero, to authorize this integration - See more details in this guide from Xero Central. Also, Payroll must be already set up, in Xero - check out this guide from Xero for the setup steps.

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