🎯 For Planday admins using Xero in the UK. See Xero Setup instructions here.

Integration setup

What information is required to add an employee in Planday and Xero?

In Planday we only need first name, last name, gender, and email to add employees to the system.
With the Xero integration, we need to ensure the below fields are marked as required in Planday for the users to sync. These are required to add a user to the Xero software. Going forward you will be adding employees to Planday and pushing them over to Xero.

When adding a new employee, the following fields will be required :

Post Code*
Date of birth
State (AU only)

* If you have an Australian Xero organisation, please ensure your postcode is at least 4 numbers long. It must also be between 0200-9999 for the employee to be synced and created between systems.

Remember to always create and update employees from Planday, as this is a one-way sync. The employee data that will be synced is gathered from the following fields:

First and Last name
Email address
Tax ID (UK only)
State (AU only)

How will holidays be managed with Planday and Xero UK?

While you can record your holiday in Planday, we will not be sending leave related payroll data over to Xero. Planday will only send the date range of leave taken to Xero, therefore any payments, balances and accrual will be managed within Xero.

The holiday can be recorded by utilizing shift types in Planday. You can set up a shift type in your portal and call it Holiday - Xero or use an existing shift type. In Planday you will be using Fixed Vacation Accounts or Accrued Accounts. Planday will handle the request and schedule of holidays whereas Xero will handle the payment and balance of holidays.

For any questions on how to add absence in Xero please contact the Xero support team or your account manager at Xero.

Employees syncing

Some of my employees are not syncing to Xero

There can be several reasons for this. You can read the Resolve common error during Employee Data sync section to find out.

One of the most common sync errors you can encounter is if any of the following information in employee data is missing:

  • First and Last name

  • Email address

  • Gender

  • Address

  • Tax ID

  • Birthday

⚠️ Make sure you don't archive the gender field for employee sync to work.

What if my employees belong to different groups and have different wages?

🇬🇧 For UK customers:

In this case, Xero will hold the earning rate. You must have multiple earning rates set up within Xero for each wage variation.

🇦🇺 For Australian customers:

So long as your Xero integration is Active and set up, we will automatically map your employee groups and the default wages as earning rates to Xero. When you add your employees to the employee group in Planday, we will then create an earning line with the wage you input in the employee’s pay template in Xero. Please, remember the employee must already have an earning line with their Ordinary Hours Earning rate for us to be able to do this if you add them to a different employee group.

I have done the initial sync and have some leavers/deactivated employees still showing up, how can I prevent them from synching?

On the initial user sync, you will see deactivated users. We will not need to sync these users so you can untick them before the sync.

What happens with my leavers/deactivated employees?

Planday will still push all of the worked hours in that date range into Xero so you do not need to worry about the hours, however, you will need to mark the employee as a leaver in Xero and process the last pay run through here. Xero will also hold all of the information in regards to paying out or recovering any holiday.

Time & Pay run syncing

Are all the hours synced with Xero (including sickness and time off)?

In your Planday portal you have the option to mark the shift types you do not want to include in the sync. In the salary code field just code the shift types to “non-applicable” or “NA” so they do not get synced into Xero.
You can also salary code the shifts if you navigate to Settings - Payroll - General and scroll down to Salary Codes and enter the code for hourly workers in the Hours worked (as per shifts) field.

Are the pay rate and bank details updated in Xero?

The pay rate and bank details of an employee will need to be maintained in both Planday and Xero. At the moment we are only sending over address and date of birth details to Xero.

Why is the minutes count different in Xero from the Planday payroll preview?

Time can be expressed either as fractions, decimals or as minutes and hours. To calculate payroll, time needs to be in decimal form so that it can be multiplied by an employee’s pay rate. Xero is an accounting software and will therefore report in decimal minutes.

I can’t seem to see the correct date range in the Planday pay run

You need to ensure that you have created a draft pay run setup in Xero before you can see the information in the Planday dropdown.

I got an error code stating my employees need calendar IDs setup

This means you have no employment record in the Xero setup. This could potentially be a new starter or someone who needs to be added to Xero.

Can I redo the hours exported to Xero for some employees?

Yes, you can export the hours again, but you need to remove any existing timesheets in the draft pay run for the specified employees in Xero before exporting the hours from Planday.

Supported functionalities & limitations

Does the integration support tips or service charges?

Service charges and tips are usually handled outside of Planday and directly through Xero. However, if you wish to manually enter tips into Planday you can do so by using a manual payroll supplement. We will then match the Xero earning rate to the payroll supplement in Planday.
In some cases, this can be time-consuming and it may be quicker to manage supplements directly into Xero.

Does the integration support my salaried staff?

At the moment, the integration supports hourly workers only. Salaried staff in Xero will be paid out the same each pay period so there is no need to send the hours over to Xero. We will still keep the historical shift data on salaried employees in Planday but push it through to Xero.

Do we support Xero in other countries?

At the moment Xero integration with Planday is only supported in the UK and Australia.

What are the supported earning categories and rate types?

Xero only allows the following earnings categories and rates for timesheets to be imported through the integration:

  1. Earning Categories

    1. Regular Earnings

    2. Overtime Earnings

  2. Rate types

    1. Rate per unit

    2. Rate per hour

    3. Multiplier - Only for Ordinary Hours Earning rate of employee (🇦🇺 AU customers only)

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