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Payroll synchronisation overview

In this step, we will enable payroll data synchronisation between Planday and Xero. This is done by linking Planday Salary codes to your Xero organisation’s Earning rates.

To synchronise and map your Xero earning rates to Planday, make sure to enable the following setting:

☑️ Sync payroll data from Planday to Xero, when active.

This setting will allow you to send your hourly employee’s worked hours to Xero. Select the organisation for which you would like to sync your payroll data by pressing its name or by clicking the Edit icon.

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Setting up Xero Earning rates to Planday

Please, note that leave type synchronisation is only currently available for UK-based Xero organisations.

For an Australian Xero organisation connected to Planday, you will be able to automatically create Ordinary earning rates and Overtime earnings in your integration based on your Planday employee groups and payroll supplements.

If you have already created employee groups before the set-up of your Xero integration, by clicking Push, we will automatically create and map these to your Xero organisation.

You’ll be able to see an overview of your mapped earning rates in the overview screen and view further details by editing your preferred organisation.

Manually mapping your Xero earning rates to Planday using Salary Codes

For Australian organisations, the mapping is done automatically based on your employee groups. If you wish to add to the automatically mapped earning rates or override the automatic mappings, you have the option to do so.

Select the organisation for which you would like to sync your payroll data by pressing its name or by clicking the edit icon.

Press Add mapping to manually add your Xero earning rates and map them to Planday using Salary codes.

Once you have selected the existing Xero earning rates that you wish to add to Planday so you can manually map them, press Add. You will then be able to manually map using Salary codes in this screen and the same Salary codes in the appropriate places in Planday your earning rates, and therefore sent the hours worked for these earning rates later on to Xero:

In the above image, you can also see the employee groups we’ve automatically mapped to Xero as new earning rates. You can always deactivate these if you prefer by navigating to your Xero organisation directly > settings > payroll settings > select the pay item > deactivate. You’ll only be able to do this if you’ve never used this earning rate before to send hours worked to Xero.

Once you are happy with the payroll mapping, click on Add to Integration to complete the payroll sync set-up and proceed to the final step of the integration.

Assigning your mapped employees to an Ordinary Hours Earning Rate

In this final section of the integration, you will be able to assign your employees to one of the previously automatically mapped Ordinary Hours Earning rates*. This will then update the employment Ordinary hours earning rate section in each employee’s profile in Xero, as well as create an earning line for the applicable earning rate in Xero, allowing you to send the worked hours for the applicable earning rate once the integration set up has been completed.

If your employee already belongs to an Ordinary hours earning rate, you will be able to overwrite this with an automatically mapped Ordinary hours earning rate instead.

This means that if the rate of pay for that rate gets updated in Planday for that employee, it will also update automatically in Xero, however, if you keep the employee under a manually mapped Ordinary hours earning rate, this information won’t update automatically when changed in one of the two systems.


💡* Please, note that any Pay items you’ve manually mapped from Xero will show in this list so you can see any employees assigned to them but you won’t be able to edit them, as these are manually mapped Pay items.

Activate Xero integration

As a final step, press Activate to enable your integration and make it available for Payroll.

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You can see the status of activated integration in your portal. You should have the option to export to Xero under Payroll > Xero Payroll (Refresh your page if you don’t see the updated menu option).

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