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You are now ready to export your timesheets and employee leave to Xero.

Export timesheets to Xero

To export timesheets to Xero go to Payroll > Xero Payroll

Planday Mobile app Screenshot Shells.101.png

Here you can select the employees that will have their payroll hours synced to Xero, and generate a preview:

Planday Mobile app Screenshot Shells.102.png

When viewing the preview you can select individual employees to ensure that their hours are correct. Use the Show details button to see detailed information for each employee:

Planday Mobile app Screenshot Shells.103.png

Press Sync report to complete the process.

Planday Mobile app Screenshot Shells.104.png

You should see a progress dialogue showing the sync and a success message when completed.

Planday Mobile app Screenshot Shells.105.png

Head over to your organisation in Xero, go to Payroll > Timesheets to see the approved timesheets data sent by Planday. You are ready to process your pay run in Xero! 🎉

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