👤 Please contact our support team if you want to add this feature to your Planday account. This feature only works for Web Punch Clock via PunchClock.Planday.com

When using Punch Clock on the web, employees typically use their username and password to clock themselves in and out. Alternatively, you can make it possible to punch in and out with a 4-digit PIN code. This allows for faster check-in if there are too many people logging in at the same time.

Once the PIN code feature is activated, your employees will find a new field where they can set their PIN code. Find this on the user profile by pressing name > Edit > PIN code.

Planday EN Screenshots for HC.001.png

💡 Please note that the PIN code can only contain numbers, and the functionality is only possible when used in the browser version with a registered IP address.

Your employees can now set their PIN from their profile and use that to log in instead of their password when they use Punch Clock on the web PunchClock.Planday.com

Still have questions? Reach our support team via chat if you need help with this feature.

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