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Setting up and working with breaks in the schedule


To make sure unpaid breaks are calculated correctly, you have three different options of adding breaks to shifts in Planday. Breaks can be set up to work automatically or you can add breaks manually on a shift by shift basis.

A break can be modified or deleted directly from the shift it appears on. Using breaks will provide you an accurate report of time worked, and help lower your costs by automatically deducting time spent on breaks from your payroll.

We’ll walk you through the different ways you can add breaks to your employees’ shifts:

  • Automatic breaks based on the time of day
  • Automatic breaks based on time after the shift start
  • Manual breaks added to individual shifts on the schedule

Automatic breaks explained

Set up automatic breaks to add breaks to shifts either at a specific time of day, or after a set amount of time has been worked. This will add a break to a shift, depending on when an employee is working and for how long.

Automatic breaks are for when there's an agreement in place in your business regulating unpaid break times on a per shift basis.

For both Time of day and Time after start breaks, you can set:

  • the length a shift must be for a break to be given
  • the days it applies to
  • the departments and employee groups to receive the break



Setting up automatic breaks based on time of day

Navigation: Settings > Schedule > Breaks > Add break

To add a break at a specific time of day, select the Time of day break type. Set the time when the break should start and end. Ex. a lunch break from 12.00-12.30 for all chefs on weekdays.



Setting up automatic breaks based on time after shift start

Navigation: Settings > Schedule > Breaks > Add break

To give a break only after a certain duration of a shift, choose the Time after start break. Specify the break length and the duration after the shift has started in which the break should begin. Ex. a 30 minute break after 3 hours worked.



Adding manual breaks to the schedule

Navigation: Schedule > Schedule > Create / Edit shift

Add a single break to a shift in the schedule by editing the shift to add an unpaid break. This is useful for special or one-off cases, or if breaks are given ad hoc to employees.



Working with breaks in the schedule

When a shift that contains a break is edited, Planday will update the break to fit with the changes made. If your changes require that you make a manual adjustment, you will be notified about the changes you need to make to the break.

Working with breaks is extremely flexible. You can use all the different types of breaks in your schedule, make adjustments to your automatic breaks, add breaks manually, add multiple breaks to a shift, and delete breaks that are not relevant.

For every shift on the schedule you have the option to add, edit, and delete breaks. 

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