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Quick start guide: Getting the most from your Planday trial


Thanks for signing up to Planday! Follow the five steps below to see how Planday can make running your business simpler and more efficient.

If you don't already have a Planday account, go to to sign up for a trial.

1. Create Departments

Navigation: People > Employees > Create Department

Departments help organize areas of your business into different schedules, so each manager can focus on the part of the business they’re responsible for.

You can create Departments for different areas of the business at the same location (e.g. kitchen or bar). If you have multiple locations, you can create one Department for each location.



2. Create Employee groups

Navigation: People > Employees > Create Employee group

Employee groups help organize your staff by skills or responsibilities (e.g. chef, waiter, or bartender). This ensures you have qualified staff filling all the necessary roles in your business.

An employee can belong to multiple Employee groups. Create an Employee group for each of the different roles you need covered in your business.



3. Create Employees

Navigation: People > Employees > Create Employee

Create your employees and assign them to Departments and Employee groups. You can set a different individual hourly wage for each Employee group the employee is assigned to.

Make sure you add contact information to your employees’ account, so you can invite them to their personal Planday accounts.



4. Start scheduling

Navigation: Schedule > Schedule

To start scheduling, click where you want to create a Shift, set the start and end time, and assign the shift to an Employee group.

You can work on your schedule in three different views: Employees, Groups, and Positions. The Position view is an expansion on the Group view, making it easy to separate shifts within the same group.

(You can change the video quality in the bottom right corner if you want to run it full screen)



5. Invite employees 

Navigation: People > Employees > Tools > Send logins

You can invite your employees via email or SMS. Once invited, employees can see their schedule, communicate with managers and coworkers, request open shifts, swaps shifts, and more.



Next steps

If you got through this, you're ready to dig a bit deeper into the structure of Planday, and how to set up the positions view.  

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