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Using Availability to ease your scheduling


Availability in Planday gives you all the information you need to schedule available employees for every shift. It will help reduce the number of shift swaps, no-shows, and managerial stress related to building a schedule that will work for your business. 

This is how Availability works:

  • Employees register their Availability from the mobile app or desktop
  • Employees' availability is shown on the schedule: green for available, red for unavailable
  • Managers use the information to build schedules that accommodate the employees in the best way possible

Availability can be registered both from the mobile app and desktop. We'll take you through both options below.

Registering Availability is solely a collaborative tool. The manager makes all the scheduling decisions, but Availability gives provides managers with useful information for doing their job. 

How employees register their Availability in the mobile app

Navigation: Overview > Show shifts by month > + Mark your availability

Employees can set their availability in the mobile app. When setting availability employees can add comments to inform managers of the reason why they'd prefer to work any given day.  



How employees register their Availability from a desktop computer

Navigation: Home > Your availability > Edit all

We do recommend registering Availability in the app, as it is more user friendly than from a desktop computer.



Using employees' availability information when scheduling 

Navigation: Schedule > Schedule > Create shift

When you create a shift and employees have registered their Availability, you'll see their status when you're working on the schedule. 

As a manager it is your decision to adapt the schedule to your employees' availability, and sometimes you might find yourself in situations where it just isn't possible to accommodate every wish. 

Available employees are shown with green text and the statement Can work. Employees who have set themselves as Unavailable are shown with the text Cannot work in red. 

If the employees have added a comment, that will also show up when scheduling.



Changing options and intervals for Availability

Navigation: Settings > Schedule > Swap > Availability

If you don't get the information you need when employees choose between the options Can and Cannot work, you can change to one of the other available options:

  • Intervals
  • Select start and end time 

Intervals: You can set up the intervals employees can choose from when marking their Availability. Typical intervals would be Morning, Lunch, and Dinner.

Select start and end time: This option will let your employees select a start and end time for when they're Available or Unavailable for each day.


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