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Improving your workflow with Open shifts, Shift requests, and Shift swaps


In Planday, employees can swap shifts, request open shifts, and offer their shifts to other employees with the right skillset to pick them up. By default, nothing changes without a manager's approval, and with all the day to day administration gathered in one place, the days of messages flying around across different platforms are gone. 

Below we'll take you through the following:

  • Using Open shifts to save time scheduling
  • The workflow of Shift swaps
  • Notification settings for Swap requests and Shift requests

Using Open shifts to save time scheduling

Navigation: Schedule > Schedule > Create shift

When scheduling, you can leave shifts open if you'd like employees to request shifts based on when they can work. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Create a shift, assign it to an Employee group or Position, set start and end time, and create it as an Open shift
  • Wait for employees to request the shift
  • Assign the shift and notify the employee

First, the manager creates an Open shift. This can be done from any of the three views, Employees, Employee groups, and Positions. Below we create a shift from the Employees view.



Next, an employee can request the Open shift either from the mobile app or desktop.



Now, the manager can confirm the Shift request and notify the employee.



The workflow of Shift swaps

Depending on the settings of your Planday account, employees can swap shifts between themselves if they are assigned to the same Employee group. By default, a manager has to approve Shift swaps.

Shift swaps works as follows:

  • An employee hands over a shift to another employee, or makes it available for others to request
  • The other employee approves the handover, or employees request the shift as an Open shift
  • A manager approves or rejects the swap, employees are notified, and the schedule updated accordingly

From the mobile app, the employee navigates to the shift she wants to swap, selects the employee she wants to swap with, and what shift to cover for her colleague. Then the swap is passed on to her colleague for him to accept. After that it goes to a manager for final approval, and only then is the schedule updated. 


Swapping shifts, making requests, and approving requests is easy to perform from the mobile app on the go. You also have all the same functionality through Planday on your desktop computer. As a manager you'll see Swap requests and Shift requests requiring your attention on the Planday dashboard. You'll also see Shift requests directly on the schedule. In addition you can set up notifications.

Notification settings for Swap requests and Shift requests

Navigation: Settings > Portal Settings > Notifications

Managers can set their swap and shift request notifications to fit their needs. By default Pending actions are shown on the dashboard both in the mobile app and the desktop version. Additional notifications can be set up from Settings. 


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