Webinars on Planday basics

Watch this webinar on Planday basics so you can start on the right foot to set up your organisation

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🎯 For admins who would like to get started with Planday.

Planday Basics - Part 1: Getting to grips with Planday

When was the webinar?

Tuesday 27 February 2024

What does the webinar cover?

  • The different building blocks of Planday so you can set the foundations for your account

  • What to prepare on your Planday before you schedule your employees

    • Break rules

    • Contract rules

    • Working time rules

    • Shift types

    • Payroll supplements

  • See how all the settings you enabled come into place when scheduling

Planday Basics - Part 2: Optimise your workforce management

When was the webinar?

Tuesday 5 March 2024

What does the webinar cover?

  • The dashboard

  • Access levels

  • Scheduling features

  • The punch clock and the approval of hours

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