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December 2018 Release notes
December 2018 Release notes
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- Schedule filters now allow you to filter using a specific time of day. Enter a from and to time to show only shifts during this time period.

- The schedule has undergone a performance increase to speed up loading times by 30%.


- In the Notifications section in Settings you can now set up New employee notifications. This will send a notification to select employees, such as your management staff, when new employees are created.


iOS and Android

- The Planday mobile apps now support Absence requests if they have been set up for your portal. Employees can make requests via the Vacation option in the Account section. Please note that accrued holiday, or Absence accounts that are set up to count in hours are not yet supported.


Open API

The Open API page under Settings > API Access has undergone a redesign to be more user-friendly when setting up integrations with your third-party applications.

Data Privacy

In light of GDPR and to enhance security for your data, employees who have selected the option not to share their contact information with colleagues are only visible to their department managers on the people list. Additionally, when you create a new employee the default setting for contact details is that they will now only be visible to managers. You change this when you edit an employee and select the check box labelled “Contact info public,” so that their contact details will be visible to all employee in the departments they work in.

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