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July 2019 Release Notes
July 2019 Release Notes
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Conflicting shifts deletion
Whenever you move or copy a shift on a day when there’s already an existing conflicting shift scheduled, you can now delete the existing shift and replace with your new shift straight from the alert pop-up window. The employee position also now displays on the pop-up, reducing errors if some of your employees cover several positions.

Availability in Schedule
In order to quickly identify who is available to pick up a shift, the schedule now displays each employee’s registered availability, for even faster and more efficient scheduling. Additionally, the information icon in the right hand corner of the shift cell allows you to quickly visualise any notes added by the employee without the need to click and open the actual shift!


The latest version of our iOS App is 5.15.6. Make sure to download it from the App Store or update to access all new features.


The latest version of our Android App is 5.15.6. Make sure to download it from the Google Play Store or update to access all new features.

Kiosk (iPad)

The latest version of our tablet Kiosk App is 1.0.4. Make sure to download it from the App Store or update to access all most recent features.

Integrations & API

Personal Employee Details in API
We have added some extra fields to the personal employee details endpoint in the API, and you now have the ability to select the social security number, birthdate and bank account info for your employees. This addition will enhance the API experience for larger customers who need to identify employees with such data, and enable payroll systems to integrate and map users with data such as social security number and bank account.

Fixes & Improvements


  • Availability Date: We have fixed an issue with the display of availability in schedule, which was showing on incorrect days for portals in time zones other than CET

  • Error on Web Punch Clock: We observed an error message popping up for some users attempting to punch in on the web version

  • Punch Clock entries error: We’ve fixed an issue with a system error appearing on some accounts while printing out Punch Clock entries

  • Monthly Salary Changes: We have corrected an issue with the changes to Monthly salary which did not show in the employee change report

  • Printer Timeout: We have fixed a time out issue with dynamic printer and custom formats.

  • Support for contract merge field: We added support for the merge field sender phone, so that the contract senders phone number can be successfully merged into contracts.

  • Password reset email: We corrected an issue that was preventing some password reset emails from being sent to the requester.

  • Invalid dates in date field: We resolved an issue where invalid dates where preventing managers from editing an employee with an erroneous date saved on their profile.

  • Account language fix: We fixed an issue that was preventing employees in some portals from being able to adjust their account language from their profile settings.

  • Default date field fix: We resolved an issue preventing users from being create when a required default date was set to a custom date field in the employee form.

  • Birthday showing incorrect date: We resolved a timezone issue that resulted in the birthday of an employee showing as one day earlier than their set birthday, when viewing them from the quick-edit view.

  • Edit employees after disabling primary department feature fix: When disabling the primary department feature, employees could not be edited on the app.

  • Some security groups not visible: We resolved an issue that resulted in some security groups not being visible to administrators, which also prevented the ability to add employees to those security groups that were not shown.

Mobile - General

We have fixed an issue with message attachments


  • Fixed an issue with changing timesheets in the employee-based schedule

  • Fixed an issue which caused the no internet connection banner to fail to update correctly if the phone regains connection while the app is sent to the background

  • Fixed an issue which caused changes to the Contact info public field to fail to save

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