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September 2019 Release Notes
September 2019 Release Notes
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Employee Working Status in Schedule
This feature, available in the Employee view of the schedule automatically displays if a member of staff is working in another department and at what time, allowing you to instantly visualise who is or isn’t available to take a shift in your department, for even quicker scheduling decisions!
Please Note: This feature will be available soon for Germany, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland. Please check back this page for updates. It is already available for all other supported countries.

Sections in Employee View
This new feature allows schedule managers to add section bars in the employee view of the schedule to categorise their members of staff, independently of the sections already set up in the positions view. These sections will also apply to any templates. Creating sections allow you to organise your staff your own way, and quickly visualise the different areas of your business if you’re managing large teams. To do so, simply open the manage employees menu from the Employees view of the schedule, and click create section.

New Fields in Employee Details Menu
We have added more fields to the Employee details menu in the People section. Now you can display the Country, Supervisor and Employee type fields for an enhanced overview of the Employees page.

Time frame setting for punch-ins
This new feature gives Admins the ability to customise the time frame in which the Employees can punch in on a shift. This functionality is solving an issue with shifts starting just before or after midnight, for which employees have not been able to punch in before the change of day. Managers can now configure a customised number of minutes before or after the start of a shift for the employees to be able to punch in whatever the time or the day!

Break Edits Added to Shift History
The History tab of shifts now allows you to visualise any edits made to the breaks for a specific shift, so nothing gets lost in translation.

Working Time Rules Update - Breaks Deduction
This new addition to Working time rules deducts breaks from the total of hours, allowing you to have a more accurate view of how many hours your staff members are actually working. This applies both to the hours reports and warning pop-up messages when creating schedules.

New Schedule Statistics Report for Network Portals
If you’re using a network portal, this new feature allows you to generate a report that includes information and details on shifts across all or several portals in your network.


The latest version of our iOS App is 5.15.11. Make sure to download it from the App Store or update to access all new features.


The latest version of our Android App is 5.15.11. Make sure to download it from the Google Play Store or update to access all new features.

Kiosk (iPad)

The latest version of our iPad Kiosk App is 1.0.5. Make sure to download it from the App Store or update to access all most recent features.

Integrations & API

Payroll API
With our new Payroll open API, you can make API requests to Planday and fetch you key payroll data to use in your other systems. The new payroll API supports payroll systems to build integrations to Planday with both user sync and payroll. Accessing the payroll API requires an admin with the right permissions to authorise the integration.
To access the payroll API, head this way.

Fixes & Improvements


Punch Clock Improvements: We have worked on the punch clock behind the scenes and rebuilt the system to enhance its stability and performance. This is totally transparent for you and there is nothing that you need to do. Just keep using the punch clock as you’re used to!

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in errors when the bank account field on the employee form was required to be a unique value

  • Fixed an issue that caused employees set to deactivate on a future date to be deactivated immediately while setting their future shifts to open

  • Fixed an issue that enabled managers without the permission to re-activate employees to be able to do so from the quick-edit of an employee they manage

  • Removed the force-read message length options that exceed 10 seconds to eliminate errors for employees getting blocked from accessing their account


  • An issue which stopped Events from showing in the app has been fixed

  • Fixed an issue causing shifts in the Punch Clock widget to display question marks when using the phone’s 12 hour format

  • Fixed a bug with employees unable to punch out with GPS

  • URL updated for contract rules (discovery service)

  • Fixed an issue causing a blank widget when the app is resumed from background

  • Loading indicator not closing while the user has poor internet connection has been fixed

  • Fixed an issue with punching out; timer shows you’ve been punched in for hundreds of hours


  • An issue which caused events to not show in the app has been fixed

  • A Crash when trying to select multiple days in availability has been fixed

  • Colleagues at work not showing up has been fixed

  • Fixed most common app crash

  • Total break time not updating on a person’s 2nd break has been fixed

  • Fixed an issue making it difficult to swipe punch clock shift on the widget

  • Added informative text to switch account screen (Alignment with iOS)

  • We’re now using localised text for gender field values in the App

  • Your shift page no longer has a pink background when using Android 10

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