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October 2019 Release Notes
October 2019 Release Notes
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  • Added a safe guard for deleting Notes and Documents

Documents or notes about employees should be handled with care. Therefore, managers with rights to Edit employee details, will need permission to be able to delete existing notes or documents.
Uploading or creating new documents has not changed.

  • Improved manager access overview in Security groups (Permissions)

You can have a better overview of your managers' access from Security group overview.
The new overview shows which Departments your managers maintain and their access level.
For a manager, a starred Department represents a restriction on their edit rights. The star indicates that they can only manage the primary employees from that Department.

To find the Security groups overview go to People > Security groups > Employees.

  • Added auto-fill for shift start and end times

In a fast paced business, every second counts. That's why we made it easier for you to create shifts with similar time slots.
When you create a new Open shift, you will have the option to auto-fill start and end times, based on previous activity. The list will show the 5 most used ranges from the previous 60 days.

This time-saver will also show up when creating an assigned shift or editing an existing shift, in your Schedule.


  • Fixed an issue that caused shifts to appear as "no function" in the PDF payroll report, if there was no connection to a Position (in Schedule).

  • Fixed searching for employee in Employee sections, to filter according to input.

  • Fixed an issue that showed shift costs, despite user permissions.

  • Fixed an issue that displayed employees incorrectly on Schedule, for a new Section.

  • Fixed an issue that would disregard shift edits when approving Punch Clock entries.

  • Added automatic log-out from Punch Clock, after 30 seconds of inactivity.

  • Added a safe guard to ensure that preset Break times fit with shifts time blocks.

  • Fixed an issue where Breaks were recorded incorrectly through the Planday OpenApi.


Improved communication

We want to communicate better with you. So we with a few new friendly messages in your Messages, Shifts, News and Events.
As part of a constant effort, we've also made a few translation updates.

iOS - Version 5.15.13


  • Fixed an issue preventing Schedule templates to be applied correctly.

  • Resolved an issue that caused an app crash when managing shift swaps or requests on some iOS13 devices.

  • Fixed an issue that interfered with punch in/punch out for some iOS13 devices.

  • Restored creating notes functionality for some iOS13 devices.

  • Using a 12 hour format should no longer affect Events appearing in Overview

  • Minor warning and errors have been resolved

Android - Version 5.15.13


  • Improved loading times

  • Fixed an issue preventing Schedule templates to be applied correctly.

  • Restored sending group message for Employee groups and Department.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Availability from displaying correctly.

  • Employee fields should, now, be displayed properly when editing a Shift.

Kiosk (iPad)

The latest version of our iPad Kiosk App is 1.0.5. Make sure to download it from the App Store or update to access all most recent features.


Xero Integration ( for UK )

We made it easy for you to connect Planday with Xero, for a faster payroll process.

If you are already using Xero, you'll be happy to hear that the we focused on making data management easy, both for employee info and for payroll data.

If you are not already using Xero, you should know that they are the leading SaaS company for cloud accounting, conquering the UK market.

Jump right in, using our comprehensive guide.

Future Updates

We understand that you would like to know in good time what changes are coming and how they might affect you. For that reason, we're introducing this new section in our Release notes.

From now one. you will also find here a short list of features and changes that are on their way in the near future.

Later this month, you might find some changes when using Punch Clock.
We want to make it easier and faster for you to manage, so with the new update:
→ you should be able to configure how your employees punch in (via list or username)
→ your employees will have their data security ensured, even when using a public network
→ you will be able structure Punch Clock to follow your Departments.

More details about the Punch Clock updates to follow when the feature is ready for you!

For the November release, we are preparing a bundle of helpful new features, including:

  • Updates to Schedule, including schedule history.

  • Updates to Employee view, including the ability to customize what information is shared in your organization.

  • Updates to the Log in flow, including Single Sign-on (SSO) for our Mobile apps

  • Updates to Punch Clock (for Web), giving admins a better overview.

  • Enabling Employee working status globally, as it is currently available only for a few countries.

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