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February 2020 Release notes
February 2020 Release notes
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We started this decade in full force and we have some cool new features available for you.
Here's a brief outline of what's been cooking in February 2020:

  • More options when selecting multiple shifts in Schedule

When selecting multiple shifts, as a scheduling manager, you will be able to:

  • select entire rows/columns of shifts

  • bulk add a comment to the selected shifts

  • select multiple shifts from the 2-week view

  • switch the selected shifts to Open shifts.

This comes as an addition to the existing options, namely:

  • approving shifts in bulk

  • editing shift type for selected shifts

  • editing start and end time for selected shift times or

  • deleting selected shifts

  • Improved performance for Payroll report

Sometimes printing or generating a payroll report can take more than a few seconds. But that shouldn't block you from continuing your work, so we've made some performance improvements to the way Planday collects the data needed for your report. This can now happen in the background, while you deal with other tasks.

It will become the default behavior, but if you need it quicker, you can just reach out to our support team to have this feature enabled.
As a reminder, you can generate Payroll reports in several formats (including PDF, MS Excel, CSV and more), from Payroll.

  • Added Last online and Created date to the Employees list

Whether your employees use Planday's web platform, mobile app or the Kiosk app, you can see when they were last online in the Employee list, by switching on the Last online column.
This will display "12 hours ago" for someone last seen online within the last 12 hours; "1 day ago" - for someone last seen online between 12 and 24 hours ago, etc.

Similarly, the Created column will show you the date when an employee was added to the Planday platform.
You can find this information in People > Employees. If the columns are not already visible in the list, you can enable them if you click Employee details, select the field you want and click Save.

  • Visual updates for Working time rules

For Planday to do as much work for you as possible, things need to be easy to find and well explained. In an effort to achieve just that, the Working time rules page is getting a large visual update. The way the working time rules function for the Schedule has not changed, instead we made them easier set up and understand.

You will start to see the result of this makeover in your portal in a few weeks time.
In the same place as before, you can view, edit and create new Working time rules from Settings > Schedule > Working time rules.

  • Upcoming changes to Employee form setup

We're constantly making efforts to make your job easier, including maintaining employee records.
Very soon, you will notice a few changes to:

  • Gender field - it is now possible to archive the field from an Employee form. This means that the field will be no longer required for an employee.

  • Dropdown fields - you will be able to create and adjust custom fields that offer multiple options, as a dropdown, without hassle or needing to contact our support team. You can see an example in the picture, to the right.

  • Picture fields - there is now a quick overview option, from the Employees overview. When you choose to display the Picture field, this will highlight whether there is a picture uploaded for each employee and give you quick access to the picture in question.

Fixes and minor updates

  • We removed the "Refer & Earn" from the profile menu (top right corner on the web platform or under the Account tab on the mobile app), in preparation for upcoming changes. We encourage you to still be a Planday Ambassador and kindly ask you to contact our support team for next steps.

  • Enabled ability to export Visma Lønn payroll without wages. This can be configured from Settings > Integrations > Manage the Visma integration, where you can toggle on/off including wages in the export.


As announced last month, from Monday the 9th of March, you will notice

  • An updated Login page

This step increases drastically the stability of the app and adds support for Single Sign-On with select identity providers. The authentication process has been redone to improve not only its stability and performance, but also to make it easier and friendlier for you to use. This includes keeping you logged in for a longer period and preventing being kicked out of the app.

Single Sign-On is system that allows users to use a single set of login credentials in more than one place. This frees up time and reduces hassle on the long run, as your employees will be able to login faster and know more about how their information is used.

This update also includes a visual-only update for login flow for web platform.

A big "Thank you!" to all of you who offered to try out and tested this feature before release. It was of huge help to make sure that switching to the new and improved login system is as smooth as possible, for everyone.

Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android (6.2.1) or iOS (6.1.0).

Android - version 6.2.1

This version brings translation updates for Punch Clock messages and the Employee section (for creating or editing an employee entry).
As we're constantly working on improving performance, we boosted the People section and fixed a few application issues, among which:

  • Schedule duration shown on the last week of year will now be displayed correctly

  • The blue dot notification in Availability, when you have a shift, was restored to its normal behavior.

  • We ensured that the checkmark in Edit profile appears correctly

  • The chat button should now be always available, even after the first time you login.

  • We removed the redundant “Add Photo” function when creating/editing an employee

  • We ensured that editing your profile, when you first login, is fully supported and smooth.

iOS - version 6.1.0

The update for this version focused on stabilizing the application, so that it works as you expect it. This includes:

  • A fix for an issue that was causing an application crash when selecting the displayed month in Your shifts

  • The blue dot notification in Availability, when you have a shift, was restored to its normal behavior.

  • We ensured that Shift requests display the complete and correct information, including who requested the shift and what time the request was made.

  • The Punch Clock icon is now displayed in the correct color.

The efforts for the upcoming month will concentrate on performance and stability.

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