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March 2020 Release notes
March 2020 Release notes
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We hope that you, your colleagues, and your families are safe and well. Positivity is key in looking after each other, as we face this global crisis together.

Planday is made to run 24/7 and our teams work tirelessly to make this happen. Despite the uncertainty of COVID-19, we will continue to deliver the same level of service to our customers, as we continuously monitor our performance and availability across every component.
Planday was specifically built to help you and your organization manage operations in rapidly changing environments. Communication is our business and we are well-placed to handle this necessary business change and our service to you.

Here's what new features we've been working on, in March:


  • Coming soon: Support for Accrued vacation

As a first step in fully supporting accrued vacation in Planday, we've expanded the functionality of vacation management with automatic vacation accrual, tailored for markets where this is a legal requirement. Specifically, this means support for:

  • the Danish market: including management of the transition period and the difference between the accrual period (12 months) and the vacation spending period (16 months).

  • the UK market: including an accrual rate based on a 52 week average calculation

  • the German market: including an accrual rate based on a 13 week average calculation

With this update, managers can set up and start managing accrued vacation accounts and vacation requests. This addition to the web platform brings with it an update for the mobile applications to complement the accrued vacation new functionality. You can read more about the Mobile updates below.
If you’d like to have this feature enabled, please contact our support team.

Setting up new vacation accounts can be done from Settings > Absence, Vacation & Overtime. Also as a reminder, on the web platform, vacation requests from your employees can be found under Schedule > Absence requests, while your employees can request vacation days through the Mobile app, under the Account tab; or from Home > Your vacation, on web. Please note: the Accrued vacation feature does not support Absence requests from the web platform, at the moment.

  • Improvements to Employee form setup: added Related fields

When customizing fields for your Employee forms, you will now be able to create a workflow and connect two fields using the Related fields function. Those are text fields that can be attached to Dropdown field options. Related fields will automatically update according to each option selected, when used in a form.
A field like this can be particularly useful when information needs to be communicated with flexibility, between managers or from a manager to an employee. For example, if an employee needs to switch work locations on short notice, with a form set up with locations in a Dropdown field, the address could be automatically shown for the new location, through a related field.

You can always configure the Employee form, to fit your needs, from Settings > Employee form setup.


  • 2 new additions for Planday Open API: Absence API and Contract Rules API

In an effort to extend our API coverage, we added support for endpoints related to Planday Vacation and Overtime account types, account balances and to post transactions to employees’ vacation and overtime accounts through Absence API.
Similarly, in support of integrations to Planday by customer, partner and third parties, Contract Rules API allows read and update access to employees' Contract Rules, from Planday.

You can find more details on our Open API documentation, at

Fixes and minor updates

A key priority in 2020 is also working on performance improvements and we commit to enhancing existing features alongside developing new ones.

So far, you can see the results of this effort in:

  • Reduced impact from generating a Payroll report on other parts of a portal and added the ability for this to happen in the background.

  • Improved speed and stability for login and portal access, both for the web and mobile platforms.

  • Improved loading times for Schedule feature, both for web and mobile users.

  • Added support for cost center distribution for Visma Lön exports. This update enables large businesses, with multiple sites, from the Swedish market, to use Visma Lön 300/600 integration more efficiently.

  • Ensured that Scheduled jobs adhere to daylight savings time.


Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android (6.3.0) or iOS (6.2.0).

  • Coming soon: Support for Accrued vacation

Complementary to the web update, the mobile application now offers support for managing accrued vacation. This includes requesting vacation, viewing your vacation balance or handling employee vacation requests, based on accrual calculations.If you need to switch from a set up with a fixed number of vacation days for your employees, to an ongoing accrual of vacation days, please reach out to our support team to try the new feature. As a reminder, you can see all the vacation related details under your Account tab.

  • Approving Punch Clock entries from the app (Sweden)

Adding more features to mobile app is a high priority. Approving Punch Clock entries will allow managers to manage employee working hours on the go. The entries that need your attention will be in Requests > Punch Clock, when this feature is released.
The Punch Clock approval feature will be available for both iOS and Android, once development completes.
The feature is now available in Sweden. If your business is located somewhere else and you're eager to try this feature, please contact our support team to have it enabled.

iOS - version 6.2.0

  • Cookies are now required for login, for the Planday app. If not enabled on your device, a message will prompt you enable them.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented pending contracts to appear correctly in the app, under Account > Documents > Not signed.

Android - 6.3.0

  • An error message is now correctly displayed when something goes wrong in showing Your hours.

  • Strengthened app stability for correctly updating Your hours.

  • Fixed an issue that caused an application crash when navigating through the Requests page

  • Employee names are now displayed compactly in the Schedule view.

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