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April 2020 Release notes
April 2020 Release notes
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April's flown by and, during this month, we've worked as hard as ever to bring you cool new features.

As we adjust to the new normal, here's a a few things we've developed to empower you to work smarter, not harder:


  • Replaced Change report with Schedule history

For each of your departments, you will be able to follow schedule changes, directly in the schedule view.
Previously, you could find information about schedule changes, under Tools > Change Report. Please note that this is now called Schedule History.
The history shows recent changes and it will allow you quick access a Shift directly.

You can find the new Schedule history under Tools on your Schedule view.

  • Made it easy to organize fields and sections in Employee form setup

From now on, you can fully customize the Employee form, as you need to. Rearranging sections or fields by drag&drop, wraps up the work we've done on empowering you to structure your employee information.
As a quick reminder, we've recently added support for adding Dropdown menus, Picture fields and the ability to relate text fields to dropdown menu options, so that informations is readily available.

You now have a complete toolbox to organize the form as you want Settings > People > Employee form setup > Manage order, from the top right corner.

  • Added support for custom Breaks in schedule Templates

Schedule Templates now support manually created Breaks, so you don't need to re-add them anymore.
To make sure that those Breaks follow your schedule Template, you will need to create them directly in the template .
Afterwards, when you apply the template to a new week, the breaks will automatically be generated for the shifts in your schedule.
Please keep in mind that saving an already existing schedule with custom breaks as a template, will not save the breaks in the template. In that case, in order to make sure that the breaks are included in your template, they will need to be created in through Edit template from the Template menu.

Integrations & API

  • Updated the Datev Lodas integration to support cost center and cost unit

Customers using Cost Centre and Cost Units will now be able to use the Datev Lodas payroll file to export payroll data, using a single file in Datev Lodas for all Cost Centers and Units. If you use Datev Lodas and would benefit from this update, make sure that Departments are setup as Cost Centers and that elements using Salary Code 2 are setup as Cost Units.
If you'd like to use this feature but don't have support for Salary Code 2 enabled, please contact our support team for assistance.

From the Integration's settings, you can select to Include Cost Centre and Cost Units. Generating a report from Payroll > Export payroll will then include the information selected.

The new API enables partners and customers to get basic information about a portal, with a single API call. This is especially useful when building integrations meant for connected portals (network portals).
The API call will return:

  • Portal name,

  • Company name and url/aliases

  • Country and time zone

  • Information about all child portals in the network (if made through a master portal)

The Pay API enables you to improve synchronization between Planday and other systems, when it comes to employee pay data. This allows you to read, set, update and delete employee pay rates and monthly salaries via the open API, which could also improve or automate the process of creating users and uploading employee data.
The new pay API supports management of allocation methods, in relation to schedule costs, for employees with a monthly salary.
Please note, that the Pay API requires permission to access data.


Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android (6.4.0) or iOS (6.3.0).

  • Enabled Punch Clock approval through the app for more countries.

Managers will be able to approve Punch Clock entries and manage working hours on the go, directly from the Planday app.
The entries that need your attention will be in Requests > Punch Clock. The Punch Clock approval feature will be available for both iOS and Android, shortly.


  • Ensured that a break has a minimum length of 2 minutes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Employees from uploading images in the necessary fields within the app.

Android - version 6.4.0

  • Fixed an app crash that was caused by a third-party incident (from Google Maps)

  • Employee Sections are now visible in the Schedule employee view

  • Ensured that the Send message button works as intended

iOS - version 6.3.0

  • Ensured that your choice regarding Settings > Email Notification is recorded properly.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Employees’ names from being displayed properly in schedule

  • Ensured that everything related to a deleted event is removed from the Event page.

  • Dismissing Contracts after signing or rejecting should work as intended once again.

Stay safe, stay well!

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