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August 2020 Release notes
August 2020 Release notes
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It's a wrap, both for summer and for the month of August.

Harvest season begins with some cool new features from Planday:

Added Bulk actions for employee management, including Bulk edit wage and coming soon: Bulk add to Department

Business as unusual might bring with a lot of changes for your staff, and setting up Planday for several employees at once has never been easier. Navigation to and the functionality of bulk actions, for your employees, benefit this month from a series of minor, but important updates:

1. we've added support for Bulk edit wage, which means that you can select all the employee profiles that need a wage update and get it done in a few steps.

2. and you can now also filter by Employee type, Department, and Employee group when you need to (bulk) edit wages for your employees.

If you want to Bulk edit wages, you'll first need to select the employees that need the update, from People > Employee Groups > Edit (✏️ pencil icon from the right side). Using the filters available, select the employees from the list, by toggling the individual checkbox.

Once you're done selecting, find the Edit wages option, at the bottom of the screen (the pencil icon 3 ✏️).

A new window will open up, where you can set the Wage, Wage type, and define which date the change will be Valid from. Save and you're done. You'll be able to see a change history for each of your employees and you can also edit individual wages later, if you need to.

3. you can now filter by Employee type, Department, and Employee group when you need to (bulk) add people to an Employee Group or soon, to a Department.

To Bulk add employees to an Employee group, go to People > Employee Groups > Edit (✏️ pencil icon from the right side), then find the Add employees button in the top right corner.
Similarly, soon you will be able to Bulk add employees to a Department, from People > Departments > Edit (✏️ pencil icon from the right side) > Add employees button in the top right corner.

4. you can now hide the side menu panel in the People > Employees section.
For example, this could be very useful if you have a very detailed view of your Employees list.
Simply collapse or expand the menu panel from the icon at the top.

5. in order to simplify things and to follow a consistent pattern, a few buttons were removed. The functionality still exists and can be accessed with no issues, as follows:

a. we removed the "Manage employees" button from Schedule > Employees view > Manage employees. Instead, you can explore all the options to manage Employee profiles from People > Employees.

b. we removed the "Manage groups" button and the ✏️ Edit icon from Schedule > Groups view. Instead, you can tweak your Employee groups from People > Employee groups.

Added more options for removing deactivated employee profiles

Shifting times also mean a lot of housekeeping work, even in the list of employee profiles on your Planday portal. If you've had to deactivate users recently, you'll be happy to hear that you don't have to wait a long time to have the records permanently deleted from the system (if that is what you need or want).

You can adjust the time-frame from Settings > People > General > Delete deactivated Employees. Here you can set after how long the inactive users should automatically be deleted. This update expands the range from as low as 1 month to 10+ years.
If you don't find the option you need in the dropdown menu, please contact our support team for assistance.

Improved vacation management with more functionality, including vacation requests filters and editing vacation requests (DK only)

The big redesign project that the Accrued Vacation feature brought with it, includes more steps in the release of key features and functionality.

For Danish customers, this month brings:

1. filters for vacation requests overview page

On the Schedule > Absence requests > overview page you will find 2 new filters that will help you sort through the vacation requests, by Status (All, Requested, Denied, or Approved) within a Period defined by Start date and End date. To see all the vacation requests, simply select All for Status and leave the Period blank.

2. access for Vacation requests is now delimited by Department permissions

To reduce clutter and make your vacation request handling faster, you will only be able to see and handle the vacation requests from your managed employees.
Like this, the Schedule > Absence requests > overview page will show you only vacation requests that are relevant for you.
As a reminder, you can configure the individual employee Permissions from their quick-edit view, under People > Employees and you can get an overview of how permissions are configured on your portal, from People > Employees > Security groups.

3. added support for editing vacation requests

When a new vacation request comes in, it requires manager confirmation and handling. We've made it possible to edit a request's deduction before approval.
To edit a vacation request, you need to navigate to Schedule > Absence requests and find the request in question in the list and click the Edit button, on the right (✏️).

4. updated Vacation reports

Under Schedule > Absence accounts, you could always find an overview of your employees' Absence accounts.

Now, besides a friendlier look, the account overview page gives you the option to Export a Absence accounts report.

You can filter through the existing Employee Absence accounts by Period, Department, Employee group, and Account status, just to name a few. Once you've settled on a filter configuration that shows what you need, you can export an Excel file that will contain more details for your filtered Absence Accounts, from the top right corner Export button.

The report will contain employee Absence accounts per row, and their details as columns, including:
Absence account type, the account balance, and the activity on the account.
Here's an example of how a report might look like:


Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android (6.8.1) or iOS (6.8.0).

First, a quick reminder about the recently added support for 🇬🇷 the Greek language on the entire Planday platform.
If you need to change your language settings, you can do that from Account > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Language.

We focus continuously on improving your experience, here's what's new in the recent update for the Planday:

Android - version 6.8.1

  • Ensured that the app will keep you logged in, even if the internet connection is poor.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Punch Clock from loading correctly for certain Shifts.

  • Improved stability in the Messaging ✉️ section of the App.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the application to crash when showing a specific view.

  • Removed a "No section" label that would be shown incorrectly, in Schedule in certain cases.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Avatar initials to be displayed incorrectly in the list of colleagues at work.

  • Ensured that a GPS location permission is required for the App, only if Punch Clock is set up to require location data.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Events and Newsfeed entries to be shown on the right date for the US-based portals.

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