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March 2022 - Release notes
March 2022 - Release notes
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March wrapped up with a few updates and cool new features.

Here's what's new:


  • Employee type filter in the Employee overview

  • Shortcut to 'Today' in Schedule

  • Version 7.7.0 with updates and improvements (Android and iOS)

  • Security group membership now available in our Open API


Employee type filter in the Employee overview

When browsing employees under People > Employees, you can now filter your employees by Employee types with the new filter in the left sidebar of the page.

Shortcut to 'Today' in Schedule

We have added a Today button in the Schedule that will let you quickly focus back on the current day, regardless of the period you have navigated to.

Planday app:

Version 7.7.0

A new version of the Planday app is available for both Android and iOS, so don't forget to update your app to version 7.7.0 to get the latest updates and improvements:

  • New recipient selector for messaging (Android and iOS)

  • New pre-login welcome screen (Android and iOS)

  • Bug fixes for stability and performance (Android and iOS)

  • Compatibility with iOS 15 (iOS)


Security group membership in our Open API

It's now possible to get the employee's Security group membership through a new endpoint in our Open API. This is expanded to our HR endpoints as well, so along with the other employee data, you can also get which Security group your employees belong to.

You read more about what's new in our Open API Release notes.

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