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June 2022 Release notes
June 2022 Release notes
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June wrapped up with some updates and cool new features.

Here's what's new:

  • Coming soon: Updated Home Dashboard

  • New app versions for iOS will require iOS system version 15 as a minimum.


Coming soon: Updated Home Dashboard

The Home Dashboard is being gradually updated for Planday platforms in all countries, so if you don't see this new design yet, you can look forward to exploring it very soon.

The Home Dashboard has gotten a new fresh look along with some cool updates.

This new Dashboard has a dynamic grid view, so the widgets will be displayed in a single or double column, depending on the width of your browser screen.

Single column:

Double column:

You can upload your own custom logo from Settings > Portal settings > General. This is now shown at the top left corner along with your company name.

You can edit your own dashboard by clicking Edit dashboard at the top right corner. Here you will be able to select the widgets you would like to display in your own personal dashboard. These changes will only affect your personal user and the information available in the Dashboard can vary depending on each user’s level of access.

News and Events management is moved to separate pages, along with the Birthdays overview. The new pages can be found under Home > News, Events or Birthdays. The Dashboard will still include an overview of the upcoming Birthdays and the current News and Events.

We have also updated the Key metrics and you now have the option to customize the information for Revenue and Salary percentage depending on what you would like displayed in your personal dashboard.

The Revenue widget provides quick access to your revenue data so you can monitor your company’s performance directly from your personal dashboard. You can also compare revenue data across 2 selected departments.

The Salary percentage widget provides quick access to your salary percentage data directly from your personal dashboard. You have the option to compare your target salary percentage to the actual salary percentage and compare performance across 2 selected departments.

The Daily attendance widget has been optimized to show you a real-time overview of the shifts scheduled on the current day. This widget is connected to Punch Clock and will display a list of today’s shifts and the attendance status.

Planday app:

New app versions for iOS will require iOS system version 15 as a minimum.

iOS users will have to install iOS system version 15 (as a minimum) to get the new versions of the Planday app, starting with version 7.12.0.

If you do not update to iOS 15, you will not be able to get the latest Planday app versions, including bug fixes and new features.

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