To help you to stay on top of your tasks and have all the information you need to keep your staff safe, we made an addition to the Punch Clock feature that allows you to set up a quick Health check for your employees before they start a Shift.

This is meant to give your employees a quick and easy way to inform you of their well-being and will help you keep your staff safe, which can be particularly relevant in the current COVID-19 landscape.

The Health check appears as a pop-up when an employee starts a Shift in Punch Clock, asking whether they present any symptoms or have been in recent contact with someone who has Covid-19 or is exhibiting symptoms.

If either situation is applicable, you'll be notified right away through a Planday message and your employee will be advised to self-isolate, contact you and their health care provider for the next steps.

Here is an example of how the pop-up looks like, in the mobile App.

The Health check is only available through Punch Clock.

If you're not currently using Punch Clock, you can contact our support team for assistance (from the messaging icon, in the bottom right corner) or you can follow this quick guide to set it up.

When enabled, the Health check will appear across all platforms you might use within your organization for Punch clock - be it web, the mobile app, or the Kiosk app.

The health check will be shown every time one of your employees start a new shift.

Enable the Health Check

To set it up, you'll have to navigate to Settings > Punch Clock > Survey.

If you want to use the Health check and cannot find the entry in the side menu, please reach out to our support team to have it enabled.

The Survey for Punch Clock is by default disabled, giving you the option to decide whether it's something relevant for your organization.

Please note that the current format is preset and mainly relevant for the current COVID-19 context.

We are working on making the Survey feature customizable, so you can configure it based on your needs. More details to follow soon.

To enable the Survey, simply toggle on the 2 options.

The first will enable the pop-up to show before an employee starts a shift and the second will ensure that a notification is sent - when needed, as soon as an employee answers.

The notification will be sent as a message through Planday (and an email, if that is how you've configured your communication settings).

You can read more about messaging through Planday, in this article.

The message will contain information about the employee that attempted to punch in and which shift they wanted to start.

This message will be received by the employee's direct Supervisor (as set up on your portal), managers for the Kiosk app, and any user with an HR manager permission.

If you are using custom security groups and permissions on your portal, you should be aware that the notification might be sent to all the users that have access to edit an employee's details.

You can read more about permissions, in this article.

Stay safe!

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