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How to assign Access levels to your employees
How to assign Access levels to your employees

Give employees additional permissions, such as Administrator, Schedule Manager, or HR Manager, and delegate responsibilities by department.

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Learn more about each access level and its corresponding security rights in the Overview of Access levels article.

What are Access levels?

Employees can be assigned extra Access levels in Planday, each granting them different privileges. This feature may be helpful when you add managerial staff such as Schedule managers, HR managers, and additional administrators to your Planday setup or promote a staff member with more responsibilities.

It is possible to limit Access levels per Department. This means that an employee with Schedule Manager access can be limited to managing or modifying only the Schedule belonging to their Department.

How to give additional access to an employee

To add or remove additional access for an employee, follow these steps:

  1. Go to People > Employees to view all employees.

  2. Use the search function or scroll to find the employee whose permissions you wish to update.

  3. Click on their name to open their details.

  4. Under the Access levels section, click Add to assign additional permissions to the employee.

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Alternatively, you can assign access levels from the full edit view in the Advanced settings tab > Access levels section, as shown below:

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When you select all departments, you'll see an option to Include future departments. This option ensures the access level applies to any new departments you create later. For instance, you can let your HR manager access new departments automatically.

Limit access by Department

You can restrict the access level of admins or managers to manage only the departments they oversee. For instance, you can have two schedule managers, each with access limited to their respective departments, preventing them from overseeing other departments. To adjust these settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to People and then Employees to view all employees.

  2. Click on the name of the employee whose access you wish to limit, similar to adding a new permission.

  3. In the Access level field, edit the access level you want to restrict.

  4. In the Departments section, choose either All departments or select specific ones they should manage. This can also be set when assigning new access levels.

  5. Click Save to apply your changes.

Note: If you have the Primary departments functionality enabled in Planday, you can choose whether the access level for each department should apply to all employees or only those with a Primary department set.


Why can't I see the payroll information and the Documents tab for some employees I edit?

This is likely because these employees have the same access levels as you. Managers with the same access level cannot view or edit each other's payroll information or access each other's documents.

As an admin, why can't I see the list of deactivated employees under People > Employees?

This is typically because your access is restricted to one or several departments. When employees are deactivated, they lose their connection to a department. If you need further information, please reach out to support.

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