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April 2023 Product updates
April 2023 Product updates
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April wrapped up with a few updates and cool new features added to Planday. Here's what's new:


Improvements to the Schedule page

  • The schedule page received an update to improve the visibility of bulk actions. Instead of icons, you now have buttons with text indicating the actions: Edit, Approve, Set shifts to open, and Delete.

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  • When a Shift type does not allow for a break, the option to add a manual break to that shift has been removed from the schedule. This change clarifies what is sent to payroll regarding break data when marking shifts that do not require breaks. (For example, sickness, maternity or short shifts.)

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Improvements to the Schedule template editor

  • It’s now possible to perform the following bulk actions on multiple shifts at once in your templates:

    • Edit shifts.

    • Set shifts to open.

    • Delete shifts.

  • Added the option to add comments to shifts in the Schedule template. This means that schedule managers can prepare helpful information to go out to employees.

    • Shift comments can now be added to the templates.

    • Manager’s shift comments are copied when they save a schedule as a template.

    • Lightened workload by not having to write comments on the shifts manually after applying the template.

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Improved help messages when bulk-deleting shifts

The confirmation messages are now updated to provide the exact information as to how many shifts out a total number of shifts were deleted and why some shifts could not be deleted.

  • You now know which actions were taken and which could not be acted.

  • Added option for notifying employees when deleting a whole week.

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Ability to change from Starter to Plus package

  • You can now change your Planday subscription from a Starter to a Plus plan without waiting for processes to complete. If you are on a Starter package and want to upgrade, go to the Account section under your profile > switch to Plans > and press Upgrade under the Plus plan.

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  • Instantly access the Plus package's complete feature set, saving time and empowering you to manage your plan changes yourself.

  • New payment method: “Direct debit” will soon be available as a payment method for self-upgrade packages. This feature is being tested with customers in the UK and will be out to other markets soon.

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Edit carry-over settings on individual leave accounts (UK only)

  • It is now possible to edit carry-over settings on individual Leave accounts (or Absence accounts) like on Leave templates. This setting is now available for admins in the UK and will be rolled out to other markets soon. Go to Schedule > Leave accounts > edit an account > and press Edit in front of the balance. This allows you to make the following changes to an employee's leave account:

    • Enable/disable carry over.

    • Edit the balance which can be carried over.

    • Edit the date at which the carry-over balance expires.


Time blocks added to the Data Center (Pro and Enterprise packages only)

  • Addition of Time blocks option has been added to the Data Center.

  • If the Data Centre is enabled, you can now create Metrics based on hourly data.

Planday app:

Optimisations to shift request widget

  • We changed the overview widget to show the count for up to three months’ shift requests only, improving the app’s loading speed. The Shift requests data shown in the Requests screen is not affected by this improvement and will contain all the Shift requests.

Paid break information in Shift details

  • Employees can now see if their shift break is paid or unpaid from the Shift details page, giving them a better idea about the money they’ll earn for the shift. This change is for both Android and iOS app.

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Optimised People feature for managers and employees is coming soon!

  • To improve the user experience, we are introducing a UI change that enhances usability when browsing and editing employee information. We will move the People section under More > Workplace as part of this optimisation.

Planday EN Screenshots for HC.001.png

Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android (8.2.0) or iOS (8.2.0), updating to newer versions as they are released.

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