Step 1 — Welcome to Planday

Follow this 4-step article series to create your first shift in 10 minutes and get to know essential Planday terms.

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🎯 For Admins new to Planday or on a 30-day trial.

Most users take their first steps in Planday by understanding how to create a shift in their Schedule.

This Quick guide is designed to get you there quickly – Simply follow the instructions.

Before you hit Next, get to know these essentials:


A workplace or location. Each Department has its own Schedule.

Your organisation already comes with one Department that you can rename later.

Employee group

Employee groups help organise your staff based on skills and their roles in the business.

Departments control where employees can work, while Employee groups control what roles/shifts an employee can cover.


Only employees who have a profile in Planday can be added to your schedule.


A shift is a period of time during which an employee is scheduled to work.

We recommend you follow this Quick guide via the blue support button in your Planday account. Alternatively, have Planday open in a second tab or window.

Creating just one shift doesn't make a schedule. Don't worry! At the end of this article series, you'll find a set of recommended resources to explore more options available with Planday.

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