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Updates to editing employee details page
Updates to editing employee details page

Compare changes to the employee details page and see what is new.

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🎯 This article is about changes outlined in the April 2022 Release notes regarding Edit employee form. You don't have to do anything to enable the change, as it will automatically apply to your Planday account.

As part of our empowerment initiative, we constantly strive to create a better experience for you and your employees when working with Planday. Editing employment details is a crucial system function when adding new hires or updating existing employee information. To facilitate this experience, we have introduced a few user interface changes and improvements to the functionality of editing employee details.

Where can I find it?

You can access these changes from the same place you are used to by going to People > Employees > clicking on any existing employee > Edit.

You don't have to do anything to enable the change, as it will automatically be applied to your Planday account.

What has changed?

Employee details user interface

Editing employee details opens up in the new Planday user interface with a modern layout that you can view in single or dual-column.



New menu: User Actions

Commonly used actions such as deactivating an account, editing a username and resetting an employee's password are grouped under the User Actions menu. In contrast, these items were under the User Information section before. We have also moved the ability to edit a user's profile picture, send a welcome message, invite a single employee to Planday and deactivate history under the User Actions section.



✨User Actions

User Information

Employee details became Personal details

The Personal details tab replaces the Employee details sections, where you can edit information about the employee. This includes updating their address, updating payroll information such as bank details and any custom fields you have created in your employee setup form.



✨ Personal details tab

Employee details

Groups & Wages became Employment

The Employment tab replaces Groups & Wages section, which now maintains everything to do with the employee's job in one place. You can set the Employee type, add the employee to a Department, select the Employee group the user should be part of, add their contracted availability and set their salary.



✨Employment tab

Groups & Wages

Creating contracts is now part of the new Documents tab.

We have moved the Employee's past and current Contracts under the restructured Documents tab. Here you can also find the ability to upload files for the employee, such as user manuals or company guides. We have also added a new Notes section where you can leave text notes for the employees, such as instructions or notices.



✨Documents tab
(Contracts / Files / Notes)

Employment Contracts

The Shifts, Payslips, Leave overview and Time off in lieu tabs remain as they were before.

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