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Updates to the Schedule page on Planday app
Updates to the Schedule page on Planday app

Explore the new changes supported in the updated schedule page or find guidance on upcoming features within the Planday app.

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🎯 For employees. These modifications are part of an opt-in feature, offering you the opportunity to explore the latest Planday updates and share your valuable feedback.

In our commitment to ease your work experience, we continuously look for ways to improve your everyday interaction with Planday. While Planday on the web remains the most powerful tool for managers to create schedules, most employees use the Planday app to check their daily shifts and their team's rota. To make this experience more effortless, we have introduced a few user interface changes to the Schedule page of Planday app.

Where can I find this change?

  • To be eligible to see these changes, you must first download Planday app version 10.0.0 or higher for Apple or Android.

  • You must be an employee (not an Admin or manager) of a Planday organisation.

  • You can access these changes from the Planday app by going to the schedule page.

  • From the schedule page, you will be prompted to switch to the new schedule look.

  • You can also click the settings button, then switch to the new schedule by pressing the Try new Schedule button.

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What has changed?

In addition to the new beautiful and user-friendly schedule interface, here's a summary of the changes:

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  1. Quick department switching: Easily toggle between departments to view your shifts if you work across multiple.

  2. Your shifts at the top: Your shifts are consistently displayed at the top of the schedule for quick access.

  3. Open shifts highlighted: Open shifts are now clearly visible at the top of the schedule for easy comparison with your existing shifts.

  4. Day-specific shift indicator: A blue dot 🔵 on a day signifies you have a shift.

  5. Enhanced Daily note: Manager's notes for your shift are highlighted for better visibility.

  6. Distinct shifts for sale: Your shifts for sale are visually distinctive with an icon, so you can see if they are still yours or approved for swap.

  7. Revert to the old schedule: If you prefer the old schedule, you can easily switch back from the settings.

Unsupported features or upcoming changes:

  • Groups and Positions view — The new schedule primarily showcases the employee view by default. If you require other views for your work, you can revert to the old interface.

  • 3 days vs week view — The current schedule provides a familiar weekly overview. In the future, you will have the option to view the schedule in a 3-day format or positions view. If you prefer the traditional weekly view, you can switch back to the old interface.

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