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Using Planday as an employee
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Planday video tutorials for employees
Planday video tutorials for employees
Here is a collection of videos to help you get started on your company's new Planday portal.
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🎯 This guide is best suited for employees using Planday. Users with higher security levels may find these guides helpful if they need to use Planday daily. See Planday video tutorials for Admins here.

Download the Planday mobile app

Make sure to download and install the Planday app on your phone before starting. The Planday app is free on most Android and Apple mobile devices.

Change your app settings or set up shifts to sync with your personal calendar

Syncing your Planday shifts with your iCal or Google Calendar will allow you to integrate your work shifts into your regular calendar, giving you a complete overview of all your essential engagements from one place.

How to check your upcoming Shifts

Check your upcoming shifts, including:

  • which Department are you going to be working in (location)

  • what are you going to be doing at work (position or shift type)

  • and who you will be working with!

How to check and bid on Open shifts

Usually, Open shifts are shifts that you can request if you want to do some extra work. See the available shifts and apply for them straight from the app.

Check your Messages

You can also send messages through Planday to your managers and colleagues. Use the app to keep up with your team and other notifications!

Read the latest announcements from your team or manager

Keep up to date with company news and bulletins shared through Planday.

Posts on the News feed will remain available, so you can refer back whenever you want to.

Punch in to start your shift

You can punch in for a shift once you are physically at work and punch out when you leave right from the Planday app or web (if enabled by your company). Registering your shifts precisely lets your manager know how long you worked, which means you get paid for your time. Remember to leave a comment if you were late or stayed extra on a shift.

Set your Availability preference for work

Setting your availability preferences indicates to your manager when it is good for you to work or, more importantly, when you are unavailable. When your manager makes the schedule, they can see your preferences and schedule you based on your wishes. Marking unavailability is not the same as leave requests. You should ask for time off instead to prevent yourself from being scheduled.

See upcoming Events and indicate your attendance

Your company can invite you to Events through the Planday app, so you know what is going on and when. This can be for a work-related training event or a social activity. Check out the Event details, location, and time, and let your company know if you can attend!

Need more help?

Please search for answers in the 🔍 Help Center or watch our ▶️ video tutorials.

Reach out to the Planday administrator in your company or your direct if you need help using Planday.

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