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November 2019 Release Notes
November 2019 Release Notes
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  • Enabled restrictions by Department for Payroll exports

When working with departments and manager restrictions, it's important to keep a close look on who has access to what. To keep things tidy, access restrictions for managers are now respected by the Payroll export functionality. The new restrictions will automatically apply, under Payroll > Payroll export.

You can set Department access for each of your employees from People > Employees > Security groups.
In each of your security groups, you can check department access from the key icon (on the right side)

Please contact our support team if this is a feature you would like to have enabled.

  • Improved Department view

Creating Departments got faster and easier. In People > Departments, you can add a new Department from the top right corner and that will allow you to input all the information you need in one go.

To top it off, you can also search for your employees belonging to that department in the search field.
A similar view allow you to edit details about your Departments or delete them (now requiring an extra confirmation).

  • Updated Pending Requests page

We are constantly trying to improve our product and make easier for you to get the information you need faster.

The new and improved Pending requests page will show you the current shift Swap requests, in which sorting order you would like. To make things simple, you, and your managers, can only see the departments you have access to.

In the same way, the Shift requests are now displayed in chronological order (based on when the request was made), going back 7 days and highlighting if there is a shift conflict for each request. From this view you can assign your employees directly. Any other changes to the shift, can be made from the Schedule view.

Once you manage the request, the employee will be notified automatically, by default. Additionally, you can send them a text message, if that is setup and available for your portal.

Check out the new pages in Schedule > Pending requests.

  • Added Shift Overview page

Information is key in fast paced business, and we always work to make data readily available and tailor made for you.
All the information about an employee regarding Shifts, Shift types, Department, Schedule > Position, Breaks, Payroll is compiled into the new Shift Overview.

The Shift Overview page can be set to display the period you need from the Date range, and you can switch between employees from the Employee dropdown menu, once the view is open.

You should keep in mind that this overview takes into account the department restrictions set for you or your managers.

The new feature is accessible from a the Shift Overview icon, for each of your employees, in the Schedule > Employees view.

Fixes & Minor Updates

  • Fixed an issue that prevented displaying whether a shift had effects on an employee's Overtime Account, from the Schedule view.

  • Restricted notifications and emails from being sent to deactivated employees.

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes triggered an error message when editing or adding a position, in Schedule view.

  • Payroll costs are now displayed correctly in Schedule view, for Positions, reflecting whether they "Affect Revenue" or not.

  • Ensured that Payroll exports can include Monthly Salaries, for both "All Shifts" and "Approved Shifts", if needed.

  • Removing breaks when editing a shift no longer blocks saving those changes on the Shift

  • Restored Edit employee from Schedule > Employees view.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Overtime hours to be registered from respective Shifts, if created from a Schedule template.

  • Made interface improvements including making sure that all Schedule and Shift fields are visible, regardless of screen size.

  • Ensured that managers can see the working hours for their Department employees, if they are scheduled in an other department (or belong to more than one department).

  • Fixed an issue interfering with Shift history displaying quick-edit changes correctly.

  • Reduced loading times for viewing and making changes in Schedule

  • Updated Pending Requests action widget [pic]. This is in line with the Pending Requests page update (Schedule > Pending Requests), improving loading time and display accuracy.

  • Ensured that the employee working status is visible, even when filtering is applied. If your filter selection, hides a shift from the schedule, this will be replaced with a working status. Like that, you will still have full visibility of the schedule, when you need it.


We've been are working intensely on larger features to wrap up the 2019, besides general quality and performance improvements.
Here's a brief summary:

  • Improved user experience by inheriting the set language on your device

We've made sure that, when available, the Planday app will be displayed in the language you set for your device. Like this, when you change your device or hire someone new, it will be easier to find the familiar functionalities and settings.

As a reminder, if you need to adjust the language settings on your app, you can do this under Account > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Language.

iOS - Version 5.15.16

  • Fixed a couple of issues that caused app crashes from the People (👥) and Message (✉️) sections of the app.

  • Ensured that a Daily note is fully visible in Schedule

  • Restored the option of contacting your employees directly from the Attendance section, in your Overview.

  • Ensured that the Requests widget displays the current number of pending requests

Android - Version 5.15.15

  • Ensured that you or your employees can use Punch Clock, even without being assigned a shift, if needed.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Requests widget to display the current number of pending requests

  • Made small adjustments for the Attendance widget, focusing on empty states.

Kiosk (iPad)

The latest version of our iPad Kiosk App is 1.0.5. Make sure to download it from the App Store or update to access all most recent features.


iKentoo Integration (Revenue/POS integration)

The integration imports daily revenue, from the POS system iKentoo by Lightspeed, directly into Planday.
iKentoo can upload automatically the revenue from the past 2 days, every 5 min or offer you on demand imports, from up to 30 days back in time.
With the revenue inside Planday managers can easily compare sales with scheduled cost to monitor performance.

Dataløn Integration (Payroll integration, for DK)

From now on, it will be easier to export payroll data directly from Planday to DataLøn, through a new API integration.

Using DataLøn for managing payroll, through Planday will allow you to create a connection of users between the two and make sure you are constantly up to date.
The new integration also allows you to export the payroll data you need directly into DataLøn.

See how to set it up on our support guide page.

What's next?

As the end of the year approaches, we're making efforts to improve and fix as many issues as we can.
Keep an eye out for a review of new features and changes that 2019 brought to you in Planday.

In the beginning of 2020, we'll make sure to keep you in the loop and let you know what exciting new features are in the works.

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