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January 2020 Release Notes
January 2020 Release Notes
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  • Added Punch clock - filter out shift types

Admins can now choose which Shift types should be shown and which shouldn't in Punch Clock (Web, Mobile App and Kiosk App) and in the Attendance widget, in the Mobile App.
In Settings > Punch Clock > General, you will find a list of all the Shift types created for your organization. Here you should select only the Shift types for which an assigned employee would need to punch in.

With this option you can make sure that private information is not accidentally shared (e.g. sickness information from a Sick shift type) and that some confusion is avoided ( e.g. if an employee is away for training for the day, they shouldn't appear as "coming in later" ). That way, you could configure Punch Clock to display only the shift types that affect an employee's working hours.

Please note, that "All" Shift types is the default setting. Once you un-mark the "All" options, the list of all available shift types will appear underneath, as you can see in the picture below.

  • Added custom fields and improved visibility for Employees

From now on, you can decide what employee information is shared in your organization.
You can choose and add fields as they fit your organization, including Nickname, Phone number or Custom fields. First name and Last name are shown by default. These changes you make also apply to the information displayed through the mobile app. You can find more details in our guide.
Also, your employees should also confirm sharing their information.

Adjust the fields visible to employees in Settings > People > Employees.

  • Added the option to disable direct communications (through Intercom)

You can now request to have the chat function disabled, if it's not needed for your organization. You can simply contact our support team to make that request.
Please note, this will disable the ability to contact us through chat and the ability to receive direct messages about recent releases.

Once disabled, you will no longer be able to see the chat window in the bottom right corner of the screen. This applies for both the web platform and the Mobile app.

  • Added 2 new Working time rules

The 2 new rules were add to comply with some country specific working rules or regulations. Specifically:

  • Egenmelding ( Norwegian workforce ) : this rule supports self-reported sickness regulations, as established by the Norwegian regulations. If this is something that you need, please contact our support team with a request.

  • Veckovila ( Swedish workforce ) : rule that ensures that employees have a specified number of hours off at set intervals, complying with labour regulation. This rule will trigger a warning from the Schedule view, if the shifts for a specific employee break do not include the necessary time off.

As a reminder, Working Time rules function as guidelines for your schedule, keeping track of certain patterns.

Fixes & minor updates

  • Improved performance for Settings > People > Employees, enabling sorting and filtering to work faster for the Employee list.

  • Updated French translations to include Punch Clock, as Pointeuse.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the comment icon from appearing immediately on a Shift, when a comment was added.

  • Ensured that all employee shifts are properly displayed in Shift Overview, independent of the Department schedule for.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented an employee’s working status, for portals with only 1 Department.

  • Ensured that Breaks are visible on Shifts, even when the shift is created through a Template, copied or moved.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some Shift request from being shown in Schedule > Pending requests.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Excel reports to be generated for Overtime Accounts

  • Support update for iKentoo integration, to ensure control over service charge when importing revenue.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented data about employees with a monthly salary to be synced correctly to Dataløn

  • Updated the Datev Lodas integration to include all payroll data in the payroll exports, including monthly salaries.

  • Fixed an issue causing timeouts in connection with our Contract API.

  • Improved performance for the Quick Edit shift function in Schedule > Position view

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Shift requests to be displayed correctly, when related to a Shift sale.

  • Ensured that Open shifts follow the color coding, when set to Open as a result of Deactivating an employee.

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented Shift requests from being displayed in chronological order (by request time).

  • Fixed an issue affecting Punch Clock and the Punch Clock Widget, causing increased loading times.


In about a month - around the beginning of March, you might notice that we've:

  • Changed the mobile Login

This step increases drastically the stability of the app and adds support for Single Sign-On with select identity providers. The authentication process has been redone to improve not only its stability and performance, but also to make it easier and friendlier for you to use. This includes keeping you logged in for a longer period and preventing being kicked out of the app.

Single Sign-On is system that allows users to use a single set of login credentials in more than one place. This frees up time and reduces hassle on the long run, as your employees will be able to login faster and know more about how their information is used.

This update also includes a visual-only update for login flow for web platform.

A big "Thank you!" to all of you who offered to try out and tested this feature before release.
It was of huge help to make sure that switching to the new and improved login system is as smooth as possible, for everyone.

This update focused on cross-platform changes and improvements. Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android (6.1.0) or iOS (6.0.0).

  • Updated "Your hours" to use the set monthly salary period

The feature from Account > Your Hours will now display information about shifts and hours worked according to the monthly pay period set for the organization. This change makes it easier for your employees to keep track of their hours.

The pay period start date coincides with the payroll report start date, that is accessible in Settings > Payroll > General > Standard settings for payroll report.

Please keep in mind that this update removes the option for employees to manually select a time frame on their device.

  • Updated Mobile App to match communication settings

If you disabled direct communications (through chat) for your organization, the chat icon will no longer be displayed for you and your employees (found in the bottom right corner, from the Account page).


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused employees or colleagues to be displayed twice in Colleagues at work.

  • Android: Fixed an issue that prevented Calendars to sync correctly for some users

  • Android: Ensured that employee permissions can be successfully updated for some users.

  • Android: Ensured that employees' names load correctly when sending a message to an entire Department or Group.

  • Android: Fixed an issue that prevented errors from being shown correctly if something would go wrong when sending a message.

  • iOS: Fixed an issue that caused the application to crash when attaching a picture in a chat conversation with support.

Kiosk (iPad)

The latest version of our iPad Kiosk App is 1.2.0. Make sure to download it from the App Store or update to access the most recent features.

With this recent update we:

  • enhanced support for iOS 13

This includes support for Dark mode, that you can set from your device's Settings > Display & Brightness.

  • added support for the Punch Clock feature for filtering out Shift types

This complements the support on the web platform and the mobile application for Shift type filtering, for Punch Clock.

  • updated settings and permission required for configuring the Kiosk App.

It is no longer necessary for the users to be a part of the Admin Security group in order to configure and create changes in the Kiosk App. This feature now extends to the HR Manager Security group.
You can see read more about permissions and security groups here.

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