May 2020 Release notes
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Summer is here and May wraps up with a some cool new features for you:


  • New Contracted hours feature including overview, transfer of hours and working hours daily breakdown

If you have salaried employees that need to work a certain number of hours, you will be happy to hear that we've made that easy for you with the new Contracted hours feature.
For this new feature, you will need to have contract rules setup for your employees. Here's a quick guide to get you started.
With everything in place, you will have an overview of what's on your employees' schedules, how many hours they are from fulfilling their contract requirements or how many hours they worked above that.

If you have employees that have exceeded the contract rule within a certain period, you have the option to record that as balance in an Overtime Account (Settings > Absence, Overtime, Vacation > Overtime account).

Finally, you will find an overview under Schedule > Contracted hours and a daily working hours breakdown for each employee, by tapping on their avatar, in the Schedule view.

  • Coming soon: Updated Employees list with a new column for days since Last shift

From People > Employees you can now see how many days it's been since an employee worked a scheduled shift.
You can add this column in the employee list as a guide for making scheduling decisions or to guide HR decisions.

To view Last shift, go to People > Employees and tap on the upper right Employee details button.
This will open a list with all the available information fields that you can view in the list. From here, choose Last shift and then click Save.

Like every other column in the Employee list, you can sort Last shift ascending or descending by the number of days listed, to identify easily which employees has been away or not recently been at work.

  • Added a new feature: Contracted availability

Whether you have a contractual agreement with your employees that specifies scheduling guidelines or just a mutual understanding that influences the schedule, it will now be easier for you to prioritize them based on that.

With Contracted availability, you can set the weekdays and time intervals when the agreement specifies that an employee should be available for work, for every employee.

You can add or edit an employee's Contracted availability from People > Employees.
Clicking on that employee's entry in the list will open a quick edit side window from where you can "Add" the time intervals and weekdays, as shown in the picture below.

Once the availability is all set up, every time you create or edit a Shift in the Schedule, the employees contracted to work during that timeframe, will be highlighted.

When hovering on top of the green icon, you will see the time interval from that employee's Contracted availability that fits with the shift in question.

Integrations & API

  • Partnership Integration tile: goodtill

Using our Open API, our technology partner goodtill has built an integration to Planday.
goodtill offers a series of POS solutions, tailored to suit growing businesses on whichever platform needed.

Their versatile product now offers an integration to Planday and you can find out more about it in our integrations market place, under Settings > Integrations > Overview.
If you're already familiar with both systems, you can quickly connect them by following this setup guide from goodtill.
The goodtill integration is currently available only for UK, and is planned for to be fully released shortly.

Offering extensive, informative and valuable documentation and support guides is one of our key priorities. A big milestone in achieving this is the newly revamped Open Api Documentation.
With a new look, intuitive structure, a comprehensive Getting started page and best practices guides, third party integrations to Planday will be easy to get up and running, in no time.

An important addition that comes with this update is the API release notes section, where you can find recent updates, new endpoint additions and improvements. This page is continuously updated.

  • Support for redirect URLs in the API authorization flow

It is now possible to connect to Planday directly from your own application and to receive the required access token for accessing Planday's API resources.
You can read more about the authorization flow in our Open API documentation guide.


Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android (6.5.0) or iOS (6.5.0).

This update focused on technical performance improvements, visual and stability fixes, both for Android and iOS. Also, it includes:

  • Updated Account > Vacation to Account > Time off

As a result of the newly added support for accrued vacation, hour-based vacation, and overtime accounts for some countries, aspects of the Vacation feature have been updated in the mobile app.
An important change is that your vacation information can now be found under " 🏝Time off", in your Account. Please note, that this replaces the menu entry labeled "Vacation" from previous versions of the app.

Other updates:

  • Employee Sections in Schedule > Employee View are fully now supported for both iOS and Android

  • One day vacation entries are now correctly displayed as single days and not date ranges, in Account > Time off.

  • You will no longer encounter an extra confirmation dialogue when switching accounts, from Account > Switch account.

  • The app will now enforce a GDPR agreement check, in the background, when logging into your account. You can read more about how GDPR and data handling at Planday in our data security article.

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