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How to use Contracted hours for schedule overview
How to use Contracted hours for schedule overview

Use Contracted hours, keep track of worked hours, see differences in scheduled or approved hours and transfer overtime hours.

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🎯 For advanced admins with full access to Planday.

If you do not see this option as a manager, have your Planday admin assign you higher access. A prerequisite for Contracted hours is that you have created and applied some Contract rules to your employees.

If you use Punch Clock on Planday, this function may not work for you. If this is the case or the functionality is not visible to you, feel free to contact the Planday support team.

What are Contracted hours?

If you have set up Contract rules and assigned them to your employees, you can see how the conditions are met in the Contracted hours overview. Based on this, you can make scheduling and overtime compensation decisions.

Contracted hours overview

To do this, navigate to Schedule > Contracted hours and select a Contract rule.

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Note: Under Contracted hours, the 'select all' function doesn't include all Contract rules. Why?

The reason why the Contract rules are not showing all together is that some rules have a different interval compared to others.
So for instance, if you have a Contract rule with a weekly interval and another rule with a monthly interval they will be displayed separately as they cover a different period. Likewise, if you have a Contract rule with a weekly interval that starts on a Monday and another with a weekly interval that starts on a Thursday, they will also be displayed separately.

For the selected Contract rule, set the Contract period and the Departments you want to view to narrow down your overview. If employees have worked Shifts in multiple Departments, those hours will also be included in the overview.

You will then see a list of employees to whom this selection applies. The columns show the following values:

  • Scheduled hours - working hours from the shifts planned, excluding unpaid breaks.

  • Approved hours - past shifts, approved for payroll.

  • Contracted hours - the number of working hours required and specified by the contract rules within the primary interval.

  • Deviation in hours - A positive balance (🔴 red) indicates that the employee exceeded their required contracted hours. This can be transferred to their Overtime/Time off in lieu (TOIL) account. A negative balance (🟡 yellow) indicates that the employee has not met the required hours yet. This can be deducted from their TOIL account. 🟢 Green indicates balanced hours.

  • Hours to transfer - the number of hours eligible to be transferred to an employee's Overtime account balance. This considers previously transferred hours and recent changes triggered by Approved hours.

  • Transferred hours - the number of hours previously transferred within the selected period.

  • Overtime account balance - This is the current balance of an employee's extra hours or needed hours. The balance is displayed as an overall total, not restricted by the selected period.

Note: The number of working hours considered is also determined by the Shift types selected for the respective contract condition. Currently, the start date of a contract rule and the hired date of an employee are not linked to the calculation of working hours according to the contract.

Transfer hours to overtime accounts

Assuming you have set up Overtime accounts for employees, and credit is available in the Hours to transfer column, you can transfer this to the overtime account. Both a positive and a negative balance can be transferred.

To do this, tick the checkbox next to the employee's name and click on the Transfer hours arrow at the bottom. Confirm in the dialogue window by clicking Yes.

If an adjustment has already been made for an employee in the current period and there is no balance, you cannot select this employee - the status No hours to be transferred is displayed.

An adjustment made to an overtime account is also displayed under People > Employees > Edit > Time off in lieu area.

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Create a report of Contracted hours overview

In the upper right corner of the Contracted hours page, you can click on Export data to generate a report based on the displayed data as an Excel file. The downloaded file looks like this:

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