How to change language settings

Set the default communication of your Planday organisation or override it with your preferred language.

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Planday supports multiple languages, including English, Danish, German, Swedish, Norwegian and French.

As an admin, you can set the default language of your Planday organisation that influences the user interface, communications and notifications going out from Planday to your employees.

As an employee, you can override the default language and choose one for your account. Any notifications to you may still come in the default language set by your admin.

How to change your Planday account's language from the web

If you're a Planday employee, you can choose your preferred language that can differ from the language setting selected by your company.

Go to your user profile > Edit > Language and choose your preferred language. The change will apply to both web and the Planday app.


How to change your Planday account's language from the Planday app

To edit your language settings in the Planday app, tap your profile icon and press on the Language section underneath APP SETTINGS. Then select your desired language by pressing its name. The change will apply to both Planday app and on the web.


How to change the default language of your Planday organisation as an admin

Besides the general user interface of Planday, this change controls the communication sent by Planday, such as alerts, notifications, error messages, and invitation emails.

As an admin, go to Settings > Your organisation > General.

From here, you can change the default language of your Planday organisation by selecting one from the drop-down menu.


How to switch the language of the Help Center

You can change the language of Help Center to one of the supported Planday languages.

Go to the Help Center by visiting and select a language from the dropdown in the top right.

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