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Using Planday as an employee
First steps
Planday for employees - Using the Planday app
Planday for employees - Using the Planday app
Get an introduction to the basic functionality of Planday mobile app
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🎯 For employees new to Planday.

Welcome to Planday!
This is a guide to key features you will be using in Planday mobile app.

Download Planday app

If you have not done already, download the Planday app for free from your device's App Store by searching for Planday Employee Scheduling. The app works on iPhones and Android devices.

You will need the Planday URL from your manager to log in. Your username will be your email address, and your password can be set up by clicking the invite sent by your manager to your email.

Here is what you need to know when you have downloaded the Planday app.


After logging in, you will see an overview screen with information that matters to you the most. You will use the overview screen to Punch in when you arrive at work and Punch out when you finish your shift.

The overview screen also has a link to your profile, shifts assigned to you, available open shifts, company news, or upcoming events set up by your managers.

💡 You can update your personal preferences for language, notifications, or personal details by tapping your profile icon.

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Punch Clock

You will have to punch in every time you start your shift and also when you leave for the day. When punching in and out, your actual working time will be counted so that you get paid for the exact amount down to the minute!

Remember to add a comment when punching out if you were late for your shift, the reason you stayed overtime or any other relevant information your manager needs to know about your shift.

Your shifts

Here you can see a quick overview of upcoming shifts assigned to you. Tap on the shift to see who your colleagues will be that day, where they will be working and any shift-related note that your manager has left for you.

If enabled by your Planday admin, you can Swap, Handover or sell your shift.

Open shifts

You can see and apply for any open and available shifts in this section.

Click the relevant shift and press ‘Request shift’ to apply for the shift. Usually, a manager has to approve your request before it can be yours. You’ll receive a message in your inbox and a notification when approved.

News & Events

Here you can see news, messages or important updates posted by your team manager or company. It could be information regarding new policies, staff changes, or a quick note to keep you informed of anything relevant to your work.

Some events that require attendance have an option for you to mark if you are attending or declining.


Planday has a powerful messenger built into the app that allows you to communicate with your colleagues without remembering their contact details. You can use this system to send direct messages to your colleagues, communicate with your team or send company-wide messages. Files and photos can be attached directly from phones with your messages, currently limited to managers only.

Besides direct messages, you will also receive alerts here regarding updates to your shifts, changes to the schedule or swap requests.

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Under requests, you have an overview of your colleague's requests for Shift swaps and Shift requests. You can accept or decline the swap from here or see the status of your requests. Generally, shift swaps need to be approved by your manager before they are final.

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You can indicate whether you will be available or unavailable for certain days in the future. This is great if you wish to be considered for a sudden open shift, show availability for busy days, or indicate your unavailability to work on certain days.

Availability makes it easier for schedule managers to offer you open shifts or see if you are free for work.

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Profile and Language settings

Tap on your profile icon from the homepage to enter your profile section, where you can set a new profile picture, change your app’s language, enable or disable notifications from the app, or sync your shifts to an external calendar.

Planday EN Screenshots for HC.001.png

Need more help?

Please search for answers in the 🔍 Help Center or watch our ▶️ video tutorials.

Reach out to the Planday administrator in your company or your manager if you need help regarding this feature.

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