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March 2021 Release notes
March 2021 Release notes
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March wrapped up with a few updates and cool new features.

Here's what's new:

  • Improved View settings for your Schedule

  • Added additional settings and customization options for Auto-schedule

  • Vacations accounts and Overtime accounts are listed separately under Absence accounts

  • Coming soon: Overtime will be renamed to Time off in lieu

  • Improved absence request notifications

  • coming soon: app version 7.0.0

  • added endpoints to create, update & delete Shifts through the Planday Open API


Improved View settings for your Schedule

The View settings menu, under Schedule, that you can use to customize what is shown in your schedule, get an upgrade this month.

The View button from the right upper corner, soon to be View settings, will no longer open a small dropdown menu for you to toggle a few items. Instead, it will bring a full list of categorized options for you to choose what you want to have shown in your Schedule.

This could include information about Shifts, scheduling details from your employees, financial information, and your Planning metrics.

Please note that what information you may have access to depends on your permission level and/or the subscription plan active for your organization.

Added additional settings and customization options for Auto-schedule

If you are on a Pro plan (or above), you're probably already using the Auto-schedule feature to get a draft of your complex Schedule within minutes.

You'll be happy to hear that a few more options are now available for you, including:

  • adjusting the result quality vs. processing time;

  • how to account for your employees' Availability preferences;

  • choosing between a rotating or fixed scheduling approach

  • and whether to take into account breaks or working hour requirements

    You can find more details about Auto-schedule in our setup guide and more details about the advanced settings in this article.

If you would like to use these options, please reach out to our support team to have them enabled for your schedule and organization.

Vacations accounts and Overtime accounts are listed separately under Absence accounts

From Schedule > Absence Accounts, you can now get an overview of all the Overtime accounts set up for your organization, from the standalone Overtime accounts tab.

This means that Overtime accounts will no longer be shown in the same list as Vacation accounts.

Please note that, at this time, the Export function will still show a joint list of Absence accounts, according to your selected filters and dates.

Through the overview tab for Overtime accounts, you can sort the list by:

  • Account name

  • Start date (Valid from)

  • End date (Valid until)

  • Employee type

  • Start balance, and

  • Available balance (balance to date)

Or you can filter it using the filter for Account name, Employee type or groups, and Departments.

Coming soon: Overtime will be renamed to Time off in lieu

In order to align across markets and to describe more accurately what the Overtime feature supports, it will be renamed to TIme off in lieu.

This applies to all the related aspects to Overtime, meaning that:

  • Overtime accounts will become Time off in lieu accounts

  • Overtime requests will become Time off in lieu requests, and so on.

This change does not bring any changes to functionality and the management of TOIL (Time off in lieu) accounts will remain as part of Absence ( as a type of Absence accounts).

Improved absence request notifications

You can now decide whether or not you want to send a notification to your employees after handling their absence requests.

Whether you approve or deny a request, you can toggle on or off the option to Send a notification to that employee.

By default, this option is enabled.

This can be particularly useful if you don't want to distract someone at work or send too many notifications to an employee's inbox.

As a reminder, you can find and handle Absence requests from Schedule > Absence requests.


Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android (6.15.0) or iOS (6.15.2).

The upcoming version of the Planday App (7.0.0) continues the improvement work around the Messaging feature, ensuring that you can send messages, to your employees and colleagues, from where you need to, within the app (for both platforms).

For Android, the upcoming version 7.0.0 also includes:

  • an improved and renamed Account page as Profile page (including access to preferences and app settings)

  • a fix to ensure that Shift start and end times are shown correctly, throughout the App, even when an extra Shift is started.

  • ensured that the Attach file button under messaging respects your selected language preference.

Integrations & API

Added endpoints to create, update & delete Shift through the Planday Open API

In order to better support our customers & partners in building powerful integrations to Planday, we've improved and added support to one of the core parts: Schedule > Shifts.

With the POST, PUT & DELETE shifts endpoints, and GET deleted shifts endpoint, your integration will be able to create and manage the schedule within Planday efficiently.

You can find more details and documentation about Shift and Schedule endpoints, on our Open API documentation, here.
You can also keep an eye out for new endpoint releases and updates here.

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