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April 2021 Release notes
April 2021 Release notes
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April wrapped up with a few updates and cool new features.

Here's what's new:

  • Coming soon: Data Center (for Pro & Enterprise)

  • Improved support for Absence accounts (DK only)

    • Bank Holiday Calendar can be set in Absence account type

    • Pagination on Absence account page

    • Cover shifts when employee’s request absence

  • Removing Report issue


Coming soon: Data Center

The Data Center is a new feature, meant to help you get one step closer to making data-driven decisions.

Soon, you'll be able to find the Data Center under Reports, along with Planning metrics, Data sets, and Formulas.

One of the key parts of this new feature is the ability to get an overview of your business needs, directly in Schedule.

With Planning metrics, you will be able to gather in Schedule, all the information you need to make better scheduling decisions.

Get ready and learn more about the Data center and what it can do for you on our help center.

The Data center feature will be available for the Pro and Enterprise plans.

Remember that you can always reach out to our support team (chat icon, in the bottom right corner) if you have any questions or need assistance.

Improved support for Absence accounts (DK only)

  • Added support for Bank Holiday Calendar in Absence account types.

    Under Settings > Absence, Overtime, Vacation > Account types > edit Account type, you can make sure that the Bank Holiday Calendar is taken into account for the absence accounts set up for your employees.

    Connecting the Bank Holiday Calendar directly to an Absence account template will help you save time when managing Absence accounts for your employees and will keep track of their account balances more accurately.

  • Improved loading time for Absence accounts overview list, through pages.

    Under Schedule > Absence accounts, you can now browse through the account list one page at a time.
    Each page contains up to 40 Absence accounts entries, and you can navigate through the list using the arrows in the upper right corner.

    This improves loading time and the performance efforts started with the Department and Employee groups lists.

  • Added support to create Cover shifts when approving an Absence request

    Some of your employees' absence requests might overlap with scheduled Shifts in your schedule.
    If that happens, you will now have the option to create Cover shifts., directly from the request, under Schedule > Absence requests,
    This adds one more option to the list of possibilities when approving an absence request:
    - Delete the overlapping Shifts
    - Keep the Shifts, but change their Shift type
    - decide whether or not your Scheduled needs to be covered for those overlapping Shifts.

    If you need the Shifts to be covered, you can do so by creating copies of the Shifts conflicting with the Absence request and automatically set them to Open.
    The newly create Open shifts will be set to the same Employee group/Position as the original Shifts.
    With Cover shifts, you will be able to fill your scheduling needs much faster and with more flexibility, even when your employees take time off.

    The absence request shown in the image below is from May 10th to May 14th and overlaps with 4 assigned Shifts. When approving this request, choosing to create Cover shifts, will create Open shifts for the same group, within the same parameters as the original Shifts (also shown in an image below).


Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android (7.0.0) or iOS (7.0.0).

Removed Report issue

The Report issue button can no longer be found under your Account page.

This comes in an effort to simplify collecting information about issues in the app, and allowing you to get assistance faster: from your manager, our help articles, or our support team.

If you encounter any issues with your app or you’re missing a specific functionality from your app, please first contact your manager to make sure you have the right permission access.
You can read more about permissions here.

You can always find support information and learn about recent changes to the Planday app, on our help center.
From the help center, you can also quickly reach out to our support team through the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

ℹ️ Need more help?

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Login and contact our support team via the blue icon at the bottom if you have more questions or book a one-to-one professional training session with an expert.

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