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How does Planday backup data?
How does Planday backup data?
Written by Morten H Andersen
Updated over a week ago

Planday is a 100% cloud-based and operated company. This provides Planday customers with frequent automated redundant backups of all their data.

All data is automatically backed up every 5-10 minutes depending on the volume of customer data on each account and is restorable in increments of 10 mins as far back as 14 days.

All data is stored and processed within the home region of the customer - this being either EU or AU.

Planday has a comprehensive Information Security Management System, and part of the internal processes include ensuring that there is no data loss. An overview of the security measures in place can be found in Planday’s DPA Appendix B

Planday has a business continuity policy, disaster recovery policy and incident management policy.

The status of Planday’s system can be tracked at

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