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October 2022 Release notes
October 2022 Release notes
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October wrapped up with some updates and improvements.

Here's what's new:


  • Improvements in the Schedule

  • Updates to Security groups

Planday app:

  • A new app version (7.17.0) is available for both Android and iOS with minor bug fixes


Improvements in the Schedule

  • Hide/Show period:
    From Tools > Hide/Show period, you can now select a custom period that should be hidden or visible to employees in the schedule.
    It's still possible to hide and show one day at a time by clicking on the eye icon for each day in your schedule view.

  • Employees working in more than one Department:
    If your employees are working in more than one department, you can now see the name of the department along with the shift times in the Employees view.

  • Approve shifts:
    When you create a new shift in your schedule, you can now approve the shift for payroll in the same flow. This is done by switching on the Payroll toggle before clicking Create.

  • Templates:
    When creating or editing a Schedule template, we have added the possibility to drag and drop each week to rearrange the order of the weeks.

  • Breaks:
    If you copy a week in your schedule or save your schedule as a template, any breaks added manually to shifts will now be copied along with the shift. This also applies to breaks manually added to shift in a template you apply to your schedule.

Updates to Security groups (Access levels)

From People > Employees, you can grant permissions to your employees, such as managing employee details, the schedule or payroll. This is done by adding them to what you might know as a Security group. Each group has different permissions that determine the level of access an employee has inside your organization's Planday platform.

In order to align across markets and to describe more accurately what a Security group is, it has been renamed to Access level.

This update does not bring any changes to the functionality, it’s only the text that is updated.

In addition, you can now also add employees to an Access level from the full edit view. The Access levels can be found in the new Advanced settings tab when editing an employee's details, with the same functionality as you are used to from the quick edit.

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