Overview of GDPR at Planday
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As a data controller and data processor, Planday is fully committed to complying with GDPR principles. Planday has adequate and effective measures, controls and procedures in place that protect and secure your personal information and guarantee that it is only ever obtained, processed and disclosed in accordance with data protection laws and regulations.

All of our policies are explained in Planday’s legal page here: https://www.planday.com/legal/

Planday’s voluntary registration with Supervisory authorities

Planday is registered with these supervisory authorities:

  1. UK-based Information Commissioner’s Office and our registration number is ZA259339 Denmark-based Datatilsynets, and our registration number is 35107207

  2. Planday is also a certified holder of CyberEssentials, a UK Government-backed cyber protection scheme.

Details of Planday’s Data Protection Officer

Planday has currently appointed its Legal Head to fulfil the role and responsibilities of our Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Name: Lasse Andersen, Director of Legal
Position: Director of Legal
Address: Planday A/S, registered address in Copenhagen
Email: For the attention of Planday’s DPO

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