How to create a Bank holiday calendar

Use Bank holiday calendar function to manage payroll supplements, administer national holidays leave and make informed scheduling decisions

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What is a Bank holiday calendar?

The Bank holiday calendar function lets you manage your Payroll supplements for upcoming bank holidays, cater for national holidays when employees request leave, and lets you anticipate scheduling needs.

You can also have your Bank holiday calendar visible on your schedule to make it easy for Schedule managers to anticipate demands.

How to add a Bank holiday calendar in Planday

To add a holiday calendar to Planday, go to Settings > General > Bank holiday calendar > Add Bank holiday calendar.

Depending on your Planday account's country settings, you may have access to a default holiday calendar for your region. You can select and modify this as a basis for creating your calendar or build a custom calendar with your company's holidays.

Please note that a default system Bank holiday calendar will not be displayed directly on the Schedule should you enable this setting; only a custom holiday calendar will be displayed.

How to customise your holiday calendar

Once your Bank holiday calendar has been created, you can use the Edit holiday function to add or customise its holidays. For example, you could add company days, add days you wish to give off to your employees, change the starting hour for events or remove an existing holiday from the list.

How to display a holiday calendar on the Schedule page

Once you've set up a new Bank holiday calendar (excluding system default calendars), enable it on the Schedule by going to Schedule > View settings > and turning on Bank holidays / Leave.

Your chosen bank holiday calendar will show up in your schedule and any custom holidays you have created.

How to update or extend a holiday calendar

Changes to the public holiday calendar are not automatically transferred to your Planday calendar. This lets you decide when to fetch the updates or when to extend the calendar.

Planday Bank Holiday Calendars update in the UK and AU September 2022

The following dates to the 2022 System Bank Holiday Calendars were added due to last-minute changes to the official public holidays.

  • 19/09/2022 State Funeral (UK)

  • 22/09/2022 National Day of Mourning (UK & AU)

  • 23/09/2022 Friday before the AFL Grand Final (AU, Victoria state)

How to extend an existing calendar with the new updates:

  1. On Settings > General > Bank holiday calendars, click the icon on the right side (calendar with a link icon).

  2. Under "Copy from", select the desired Planday System calendar to copy from.

  3. Under "From date", select the date from which the update should cover dates.

  4. Press Save.

  5. You can ensure that the changes have been added by clicking Edit holidays and finding the new dates added to the list of holidays.

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