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Manage your Planday subscription from the Account page
Manage your Planday subscription from the Account page

Get an overview of your billing information, invoices, payments statuses and subscription plan details in Planday.

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🎯 For Admins and Account admins. Find more information about managing your account in the Invoices and billing – FAQs.

  • Some of the features in this article are only available to customers who purchased or upgraded their Planday through the Account page.

Go to the Account page under the Profile menu in the top right corner. Here, you'll find a comprehensive overview of your Planday subscription plan. From checking your current plan to modifying billing details, upgrading your subscription, or downloading past invoices, manage it all effortlessly in one place.

The Account page is only accessible to the Account admin access level. See how to assign additional Access levels to your employees.

See an overview of your plan and payment details

The Overview page gives you a summary of your current Planday subscription and your billing details. Here you can:

  • See the active subscription plan under Your plan.

  • View or edit your Payment details.

  • View or edit Billing and contact details.

  • Edit your company details.

How to view or modify payment details

You can modify your payment information from Account > Overview > Payment details > Edit.

How to change your billing address

You can edit your billing information in the section by clicking Edit under Billing and contact details. The email address provided here will receive future invoices. You can also add extra email addresses if needed.
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How to view or change your active plan

From Account > Plans you can look at the different subscription plans available in Planday and choose to upgrade by clicking Choose plan or Get in touch.


The Plans tab is only available to customers who purchased Planday through the Account page.

View outstanding amount or download past invoices

Within the Invoices tab, you can access an overview of all invoices issued by Planday.
These invoices are available for download at any time. Hover over an invoice and press the download icon.
In addition to details like the invoice number, date sent, and due date, you can also sort:

  • Outstanding amount β€” Quickly determine if there's an outstanding balance or if the payment has been paid.

  • Payment status β€” Easily identify the payment status using coloured dots. (βšͺ️ grey for pending, πŸ”΄ red for overdue and 🟒 green for paid).

You can find more information on the Account page in our Invoices and billing – FAQs.
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See the status of your payments

The last tab in the Account page directs you to your payments with Planday.
Here, you can see all the payments made to Planday and whether they were successfully completed or failed. You can click on any of the payments to get more details on the status. For a failed payment, there can be different reasons, such as an expired card or insufficient funds. Press Show details to see why a payment failed.
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