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March 2023 Product updates
March 2023 Product updates
Written by Sissel Bjerkeset Moen
Updated over a week ago

March wrapped up with a few updates and cool new features.

Here's what's new:


Updated Edit salary form

We have updated the form for editing your employees’ salaries with a new design and minor improvements. The functionality is still the same as you are used to, but some things are moved around to make it more intuitive for you to use and provide a fresh look and better overview.

You can explore the changes by going to People > Employees > edit an employee > Employment > Edit salary.

image (34).png

Added support for Salary periods

Besides a monthly salary, we now support more salary periods. This will allow you to define the fixed salary amount the employee is entitled to get paid over a year, month, fortnight or week.

The Salary period is selected per employee and can be found under People > edit an employee > Employment > Edit salary.

For your employees with a fixed salary amount already set up, the Salary period will still be per month. This means that nothing changes in your current setup.

image (33).png

Added support for Pay periods

We are also introducing Pay periods for processing payroll, where you can select how often your employees get paid. The Pay periods that are supported are weekly, fortnightly, and monthly. This applies to both an hourly wage and a fixed salary.

From People > edit an employee > Employment > Pay periods, you can now select a Pay period for each employee.

The default Pay period is monthly, and this is preselected for all your employees unless you change it. When processing your payroll from Payroll > Payroll export, you can select which Pay periods to include.

image (35).png

Paid breaks

From Settings > Schedule > Break rules, you can set up Break rules that will be added to the Schedule automatically. You can also add breaks manually on a shift-by-shift basis from the Schedule.
We have now added the option to set a break as Paid when creating a new or editing an existing Break rule.


When adding a break directly to a shift in the Schedule, you can also select if the break is Unpaid or Paid.


Paid breaks will appear in reports the same as unpaid breaks, but the employee's wage will not be deducted during the break.
Nothing changes in your current setup of breaks. The breaks you currently have are still set to unpaid unless you manually change the type.


Improved shift transactions and shift details

We have improved the accessibility and layout when you request open shifts, swap or hand over with colleagues, and set your shifts for sale.

EN Shift transactions.png

Additionally, the shift details now include the time and duration of breaks.

EN Shift details.png

Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android (8.1.2) or iOS (8.1.0).

Integrations & Open API:

Personio (HR integration for the UK, France, Germany and Spain)

With the Personio integration, you can import your employees and their leave data directly into Planday. The data can be imported manually, or you select to have it imported automatically once a day. This way, you will have the data where and when you need it.

Read more about How to connect Personio to Planday.


New Open API endpoints

In an effort to extend our API coverage, we added support for endpoints related to the HR API and Absence API.


We are introducing a new Employee Account Management controller. Using this controller, you can control your employees' credentials and help them access their Planday accounts.


Absence API

We are introducing Adjustments endpoints. With this, you can read and create adjustments on accrued absence/leave accounts to update your employee’s balances.


You can find more details on our Open API documentation at

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