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Setting up and working with breaks
Setting up and working with breaks
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You can set up breaks that will be added to the Schedule automatically, or you can add them manually on a shift-by-shift basis.

Automatic breaks

Set up automatic breaks to add breaks either at a specific time of day or after a set amount of time has been worked.

For both Time of day and Time after start breaks, you can determine:

  • How long a shift must be before an employee receives a break.

  • The days it applies to.

  • The Department(s) and Employee group(s) the break applies to.

Setting up automatic breaks based on time of day

First, go to Settings > Schedule > Breaks. To add a break at a specific time of day, click Add break, and select the Time of day break type. Set the time when the break should start and end.

Setting up automatic breaks based on time after shift start

If you want to give employees a break after they've worked a certain amount of time, go to Settings > Schedule > Breaks, click Add break, then choose the Time after start break. Specify the break length, then choose how far into the shift the break should begin.

Adding manual breaks to the Schedule

Unpaid manual breaks can be added on a shift-by-shift basis directly in the Schedule.

To add a manual break to a shift:

  • Select the shift you want to add a break to.

  • Select the edit button under Breaks.

  • Add the break, select Close, and Save the shift.

Paid Breaks

The Paid Breaks feature allows you to define whether or not an employee should be paid for a break period. This can be useful for short breaks which don't require any clocking, for example.

Set up access to Punch Clock breaks

If your company is using the Punch Clock feature you can decide which employees have access to clocking in and out for breaks. First, go to Settings > Punch Clock > Advanced > Access to breaks in Punch Clock.

Here you can add or remove permissions on a Department and Employee group basis:

Additional information

  • Breaks are calculated cumulatively. If an employee has a 15-minute break after 5 hours and 30 minutes in total after 8 hours, they have had two 15-minute breaks.

  • Regarding break duration in relation to shift duration, it is important to ensure that the break can start and end within the minimum shift duration. Otherwise, you may experience an error.

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