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How to customise the welcome message
How to customise the welcome message

Learn how you can customise the welcome message you send to your employees for the first time upon inviting them to Planday.

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🎯 For administrators. Read more on inviting your employee to Planday here.

What is the welcome message?

When you are ready to invite your employees to Planday, you send them an invitation - either individually or to everyone at once. The welcome message is a standard message that is usually sent to the employees after the invitation to explain more about Planday. Planday has already created a text for you, but you can customise this text with important information that you wish to communicate to your employees.

The message is sent to their Planday Inbox and could contain information about contact persons, internal procedures or instructions on the use of Planday.

How to edit the welcome message

To review or edit the welcome message, navigate to Settings > Communication > Welcome message.

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Here you will find the standard text already written by Planday. You can change the subject and text as many times as you wish while you are drafting. Just remember to click Save once you are happy with your content.

Tip: You can include help-content for your employees so they get easier familiar to Planday. We have articles about how to use Planday on web, on app and a whole video collection. Click below to see a selection.

Personalise your message using merge fields

Further down on the page you’ll see the Merge fields.

By using the merge fields, you can personalise your message with the information from your employee’s profile.

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Insert merge fields by copying and pasting from the column on the left (including the <>), for example <name> and this will be replaced with the individual employee’s name from the employee profile.

Please note: It is not possible to add custom fields. You cannot add more merge fields or customise them.

How to send the Welcome message

Once you have created an employee, you can select Send welcome message in the confirmation window before confirming with Done.


​To send your welcome message individually, go to People > choose and employee > click Edit > User actions > Send welcome message.


When the message is sent, the employee will receive a push notification and an email notification about the message. The message will then arrive in their personal Planday inbox, which they can open on web or the app. Below you can see a preview of how it will look like when opened on web.

Please note: It is not possible to send the welcome message to multiple employees at the same time.

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