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September 2023 Product updates
September 2023 Product updates
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September wrapped up with a few updates and cool new features added to Planday. Here's what's new:


Inform employees with a note when acting on swap requests

Delivering on a much-requested feature, previously, managers couldn't add a note when approving or denying swap requests via Planday on the web. Now, it is possible to include an optional message from the Pending requests page when responding to swap or handover requests. The message will also be visible to employees on the Planday app.

  • Use this feature by going to Planday menu > Schedule > Pending requests.

  • Select a pending request to take action. You can now leave an optional note.

  • This allows for direct communication regarding the shift without having to open messages.

Planday product update screenshot.001.png

Improvements to Time off: New date selector in Absence Calendar view

We've revamped the period selector in the Absence requests page, aligning it with the selectors used in the schedule. This change introduces consistency by using the same period selector as in other parts of Planday and ensures the calendar view functions as intended, thanks to pre-defined interval lengths.

To provide a better overview of your employee's leave, the calendar now shows ONLY employees with leave requests in the selected period and, by default, shows both pending and approved requests.

  • You can see this change by going to Planday menu > Schedule > Leave requests (or Absence requests).

  • Switch from List view to Calendar view.

  • Select an interval from Week or Month or pick a date to open up the period.

Planday product update screenshot.001.png

Name change: Start balance is now Opening balance

Opening balance will be the term used to describe the balance of an account at the time of its creation. The original term Start balance will be used only when viewing balance details over a period of time with a set start and end date.

  • You can see this change by going to Planday menu > Schedule > Leave accounts (or Absence accounts).

  • Edit any of leave accounts and scroll down to the Opening balance section.

  • Opening balance can also be viewed in the account details or by selecting the Valid from date of the Leave account as a start date in the Period field in the Leave accounts view.

Planday product update screenshot.001.png


Better overview of worked hours from the app

We've made it easier for your employees to keep track of their actual worked hours. Now, if you have shifts scheduled that should not be included in your payroll report, these hours will also be excluded from the total hours displayed in the "Approved/Scheduled Shifts" section of the app.

For instance, if you're using "sleep in" shifts where employees are paid a flat rate and have designated these shifts with a specific Shift type, your employees will now see an accurate representation of their hours. This means that they won't see extra hours in the app that don't contribute to their earnings.

  • Your employees can view their accounted hours, by simply going to the Planday app, navigating to More, and selecting Your hours.

  • To modify Shift type settings that influence this change, go to Settings > Schedule > Shift types, create or edit a Shift type, and under Settings, and select or deselect the option Count hours in payroll report.

  • No action is required if you do not use Shift types that utilise the "Count hours in payroll report" option.


Improvements to the Planday app 9.6

Planday app has been updated to version 9.6 with a handful of improvements. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Compatibility with iOS 17 — You can continue using Planday app together with the latest iOS without any challenges.

  • Broader support for Android 13 — Android 13 support unlocks new features for future improvements and smoother performance so you can continue to enjoy Planday on the latest Android phones.

  • Improvements to the app experience when trialling Planday.

Make sure to use the latest versions available for Android or iOS, updating to newer versions as they are released.


Clover integration is here!

With the Clover Point of Sale integration, you can link your Merchant accounts and Devices to import revenue data into Planday automatically. This integration empowers you to:

  • Access real-time data and compare all figures in one system to increase efficiency, monitor profitability, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Easily compare sales data with the scheduled cost through automatic transfer of data between the systems.

  • Create shift schedules with confidence and adjust the number of staff based on data.

  • Stay on top of operational performance and make better business decisions based on actionable insights.

Please note:

This integration is available for Planday admins based in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA only.

Planday product update screenshot.001.png

New integration partners are now available in Settings: Hastee, Tenzo, Cappy, FlexEarn, Monotree, & Zenegy

The following integration partners are now listed in the Integrations section in Settings to provide you with greater visibility over our partner network.

  • Hastee — UK and Spain: Allows employees to withdraw a portion of their salary ahead of the payday.

  • Tenzo — Across Multiple Countries: Tenzo’s two integrations export labour costs from Planday to provide detailed analytics and import forecasted revenue to allow for smarter scheduling. The integrations are now available for all markets in Planday as of today.

  • Cappy — Sweden: Allows employees to withdraw a portion of their salary ahead of the payday.

  • FlexEarn — UK and Ireland: Empower employees to access a portion of their salary before payday based on their approved shifts. This integration seamlessly imports employees from Planday into FlexEarn, automatically importing approved shifts to calculate precise pay advances for each employee.

  • Monotree — Across Multiple Countries: Monotree simplifies workplace communication, information-sharing, onboarding, and training through its sleek mobile app. With this integration, you can effortlessly import employee details and company structures (Departments, Employee groups) into Monotree, streamlining user provisioning and visualising schedules.

  • Zenegy — Denmark: Planday and Zenegy have collaboratively built dedicated integrations between our systems, making it easier for users to identify and utilise the integration that best suits their needs.

With these additions, we aim to provide you with a clearer overview of our partner network, simplify integration setup, and enhance visibility over which applications have access to your Planday data.

  • You can find these integrations and others by going to your Planday > Settings > Integrations


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