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Flow integration — FAQs and troubleshooting
Flow integration — FAQs and troubleshooting

Find answers to common questions you may have around your integration with Flow training.

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🎯 For Admins. Go to Flow integration - Set-up guide with Planday, if you look for a guide on how to set up this integration.


What information does Planday sync with Flow?

Creating or updating users in Flow is based on the following employee information from Planday:

  • Identifier - this element is necessary for the integration to identify that the user created or matched is unique. If you need the list of the employees’ identifiers to provide to Flow, you would need to reach out to our Support team.

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Branch

  • Job title

  • Email

  • Date of birth

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Department (optional)

How often does the sync between Planday and Flow occur?

The sync occurs every day at 2am during the night.

How do I deactivate the integration?

In the Integrations overview, find Flow learning > click on Manage > Deactivate.

Employee data import

Why can’t my employees be pushed to Flow?

If some of your employees in Planday are not pushed to Flow, it can be due to the following reasons:

  • Some employees are missing some information like their Job title in their Planday profile. Therefore, their data cannot be synced with Flow. To solve this, follow these steps:

    • To check what information is missing, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Flow > Manage > Show sync history. From here, hover with your mouse over the red triangle next to the employees' names.

    • Then you can add the missing information to the employees' profile.

    • Once this is done you can go back to the integration's settings and click Push employees.

  • One of the mandatory fields Branch or Job title (Flow) has been archived

    • To unarchive it, go to Settings > People > Employee form set-up > scroll down to the bottom of the page and under Archived field, find the relevant field and click on Unarchive field.

There’s already a field in the employee form set-up called “Job title”. What should I do with it?

We recommend that you create a new dropdown field called “Job title (Flow)” containing all the various job titles you will use. This option prevents duplicates of job titles from being created in Flow due to typos or different formatting.

How do I see which employees are mapped between Planday and Flow?

You can see the mapped employees from the Integrations overview > Flow learning > Manage > Sync history.

What happens when I update employee information in Flow?

The integration is a a one-way sync, from Planday to Flow so if you update employee data in Flow, it doesn’t update in Planday.

I’m starting with Planday and I already have a Flow account. How can I sync employee data?

To ensure a successful synchronization, your Job titles, Branches, Departments, and employee identifiers must match between the two systems. Therefore, you will need to create your employees in Planday and configure the necessary fields in the employee form set-up for the integration to work.
Find more information about this in Set up your employees in Planday.

After completing the necessary setup in Planday, in order for your Flow account manager to configure the mapping on their end, you will need to reach out to our Planday Support team. They will assist you in obtaining an export of employee data with the following information:

  • Employee identifier (portalid_employeeId)

  • First name and Last name

  • Departments (Flow),

  • Job titles (Flow)

  • Branches (Flow).

I’m already a Planday customer and I’m setting up a new Flow account. How can I sync employee data?

If your company is in the process of setting up a new Flow account, you should reach out to our Planday Support team to obtain an export of employee data containing the following details:

  • Employee identifier (portalid_employeeId)

  • First name and last name

  • Departments (Flow)

  • Job titles (Flow)

  • Branches (Flow)

Once you have this information, you can provide a copy of it to your Flow account manager. This will enable them to configure the system on their end to mirror the structure you have in Planday.

If I delete an employee in Flow, what happens in Planday?

If you delete an employee in Flow but this employee is still active in Planday, this user will be created with the next sync.

If I deactivate an employee in Planday, what happens in Flow?

If you deactivate an employee in Planday, this employee will be deactivated in Flow. If you want to avoid this, you need to change the employee’s identifier on Flow’s side.

If I add an option to the Job title, Branch or Department fields, will it update in Flow?

Yes, it will. If you add an option to the fields mentioned above, these fields will be updated in Flow.

If I change the job title of an employee in Planday, will it sync to Flow?

Yes, it will. If you update the job title, or any of the employee information synced that is listed above, this information will update in Flow.

Can I import training results into Planday from Flow?

As of today, it is not possible.

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