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Xero pay run — Health check

Follow these steps to avoid mistakes before completing a pay run with Xero.

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🎯 For admins with an existing Xero Integration with Planday.

Set up Xero payroll if you have not done so already.

Xero pay run health check – First pay run

Would you like to do a Xero pay run using Planday data? We’ve put together a list of everything you need to have done or checked before you can complete a pay run. Please follow this guide to run your pay run from end to end.

Tip: Check before preparing your first pay run

  1. You have completed step two of the Xero integration. This will include mapping pay items between Planday and Xero.

  2. You have mapped any salary codes you have inserted for supplements, employee groups, etc. to your Xero earning rates. Learn more in Sync payroll data.

  3. You have mapped the holiday shift types to your Xero Leave types. Learn more in Map your Planday holiday shift types to your Xero Leave types.

Xero pay run health check – Every pay run

These are the things you should do before every pay run. Whether it’s your first pay run or you’ve already completed a successful pay run from Planday to Xero. These checkpoints help you ensure an efficient pay run process every time.

Tip: Check before finalising each pay run in Planday

  1. Double-check that you have created a draft pay run in Xero for the upcoming pay run.

  2. Check and approve shifts, either in the Schedule or approve the punch clock entries under Schedule > Punch Clock.

  3. If this is your first pay run, take some additional time to review the shifts, and make sure paid and unpaid breaks are accounted for and shift times are correct.

  4. Make sure you have applied a holiday shift type to all approved leave requests in Planday.

Xero pay run health check – Finalise a pay run

It’s time to finalise this period’s pay run and sync the hours from Planday to Xero Payroll. Follow these steps to make sure you send the correct data.

Tip: Check before finalising each pay run in Planday

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Xero Payroll in Planday and make sure you choose all the correct filters (Departments, Employee Groups, Pay period etc.)

  2. Preview your report, and make sure the hours and pay items are all correct.

  3. Your hours are now in Xero Payroll. You can go to Payroll > Timesheets to verify that the hours are correct. In Draft pay run, you can check the amounts that each employee will be paid in Xero, and then you can complete your pay run as usual.

Note: If you have timesheet export errors when syncing your hours to Xero, check Resolve payroll export errors - Xero UK.

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